THE SURE THING [1985] movie review

December 31, 2011 · Print This Article

I always have me ears open for a tip on good movies to watch, particularly older ones, not that 1985 is that long ago, but for me it is several lifetimes ago. Thanks to a reference on the Slate Culture Gabfest podcast, tonight I watched THE SURE THING and got to take my third trip back to the 80s in as many weeks. John Cusack and an unknown Dafne took me along for the ride as their opposites (very slowly) attract story played out on a road trip from New England to California.

Cusack of course plays the spontaneous jokester just having fun and never taking anything too seriously. Daphne is the buttoned up beauty who has her day scheduled to the minute. We all know what is the more powerful force and I do not think anyone can expect Cusack to start carrying around a personal organizer.


Daphne though has a power of her own that can even affect a force of nature like Cusack’s character. Such is the power of opposites attracting, at least in the movies.


THE SURE THING is a hidden 80s gem if you have never seen and no doubt will hold up to multiple viewings if you already have. It already has me listening to The Cars as I write this review. Is there a more legit rock band?


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