I SAW THE DEVIL [2010] movie review

January 11, 2012 · Print This Article

I took a risk watching I SAW THE DEVIL and although I do not entirely regret it, there really is no reason to see a movie like this.  Right from the opening scenes I thought, “I am going to turn this off.”  Why would I think that?  Because I have no need to see people graphically tortured on screen, and I have no stomach for gore of any kind, never mind this kind.  Not that I would know, but this is not like one of those torture based movies that are the new kind of popular horror now.  It is still mostly a hardcore thriller, just the violence the characters do to each other strays into torture with gore.

I blame Harry from Ain’t It Cool News for choosing DEVIL as one of his top ten movies of 2011 and mentioning OLD BOY in his review, and saying DEVIL was currently available on Netflix for me deciding to watch this movie.  OLD BOY was very hardcore, especially the end, but it was a very interesting and unique badass movie.  DEVIL was not because I personally see no reason to create evil stories as entertainment.  I am pretty sure everyone knows serial killers are bad.  There is no need to make a statement about them, like it was so debatable topic.

The opening is chilling.  A pretty Korean girl is stranded on some country road with a flat tire.  She is talking to her fiancee secret agent on her cell phone while she waits for a two truck.  Some dude stops by offering help.  She refuses, but he does not go away.  Her badass secret agent fiancee can do nothing.  That was the best part of the movie and the last moment I thought, ok, maybe this will be a super tense thriller.  Then the gore was unleashed, and the torture.

IF this movie was made at a normal U.S. Rated R level, it could have been that super tense thriller that was still watchable by normal people.  Yes, if you can easily watch all the hideous scenes in this movie I do not think you are normal.  I learned right away to cover my eyes during the violent scenes.  So basically I missed probably 20% of the movie!

The secret agent fiancee naturally wants to kill the guy that killed his girl.  The girl’s dad was the former chief of police, so there is no problem getting info on the four main suspects.  He goes extreme vigilante right away.  However, once he gets to the actual guy who killed his girl early in the movie, surprisingly he does not kill him, just torture him, and then release him with a bunch of money!  He is going to hunt and release him the rest of the movie, but at his own peril.

That storyline was interesting and I liked the twist to it.  I just could not take seeing girl after girl killed horribly.  By the way everything turns out in the end, there absolutely is no redeeming quality to the movie.  DEVIL was hailed as showing perhaps for the first time ever, absolute and complete revenge.  If so, no one needs to see that.

I swear this is the last time I ever make a mistake like this again and watch a horrid, violent movie that has no purpose existing.


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