HIGHLANDER [1986] movie review

February 18, 2012 · Print This Article

Though it seems to be revered, and perhaps I missed something by not seeing the Director’s Cut version, I found HIGHLANDER [1986] to be a rather silly movie, very poorly acted and full of plot holes big enough for even me to see.  I knew the basic lore of the movie about a group of immortals that can only die if their head is severed from their body, and that their saying is, “there can be only one.”  It is a cool universe, but it is not really fleshed out enough as basically the previous sentence is all you find out the entire movie about them.

A Scottish Highlander named MacLeod goes into battle apparently not knowing much about how to use his sword, his only weapon, as he is later schooled in swordsmanship by a ridiculously dressed Sean Connery.  Seems crazy since he is kinsman with the two leaders of the clan!  The biggest plothole is for some reason, totally not explained, MacLeod is awol when the baddest immortal of the all comes knocking on his door with just Connery and MacLeod’s wife drinking wine together.  He must have been miles away because the over the top bad guy and Connery literally knock the house down over the course of their very slow swinging sword battle.

What held my interest the most in the movie was wondering if the bad guy was the same actor who played Brother Justin in Carnivale (he was).

Supposedly the use of flashbacks to flesh out the story was novel for the time, and this is some landmark of modern fantasy adventure, maybe it is, but it certainly does not stand up to the test of time.  The acting really seemed like something out of a B-movie, likewise for the dialogue.

The only thing that stood out was some creative camera movement, mostly from above, especially in the opening Madison Square Garden scene.


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