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What I started in 2007, picked up on in the summer of 2010, I fully intend to finish to the end in the summer of 2012, which is to watch all the Godzilla movies (semi) in order all the way through the modern ones I have never seen before.  The Showa era movies bring me back to my childhood, when I used to watch them on Saturday afternoons as part of the “Creature Double Feature” series.  Thus, I only watch them now on Saturday afternoons too.  This afternoon was GHIDORAH, THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER [1964] in color and dubbed in English.

Nowadays in my serious movie watching I only watch international movies in their original languages with subtitles.  However, I am very glad to watch Godzilla movies dubbed in English, as I remember them from childhood.  The English dialogue dubbed in for GHIDORAH seemed very good and well translated.  There was no over the top sentiment and even some good laughs, especially when one man criticizes the other’s malfunctioning compass as cheap junk and says look at mine instead.

Like RODAN, the monsters are largely absent from the movie until the very end with the first two-thirds of the movie following a semi-intricate plot revolving around a woman claiming to be a Martian who predicts danger for Tokyo, Japan and the entire Earth.  From watching them as a kid I totally did not remember there being so much human character screen time.  I would probably guess I was impatient with those parts then, but now I found them to be interesting, especially for their look at Showa era Japanese culture that I can compare with my own Hesei time living there.

The story begins with the expected arrival of a UFO, but it never appears, just a meteor shower.  One meteor is particularly large and magnetic and is studied by a team of geologists.  A plot to assassinate a princess is thwarted by unknown space people who hypnotize her (offscreen) to think she is a Martian.  She begins warning everyone that Godzilla and Rodan will return, and eventually a space monster, Ghidorah will destroy all the Earth, like it did to life on Mars centuries ago.

I learned that Mothra is male.  I had always thought of Mothra as female.  The two twin fairies have a big role in GHIDORAH helping the main characters out of a few jams and also translating the big pow-wow Mothra has with Godzilla and Rodan trying to convince them they all need to fight together to defeat GHIDORAH.

Finally we are treated to the final battle and once again that damn silk caterpillar Mothra spews proves to be the toughest weapon any monster has!

GHIDORAH, THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER is a very satisfying Godzilla movie and has me excited to continue the marathon next weekend.


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