THE DARK KNIGHT RISES [2012] movie review

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Unfortunately, I could not help hearing the early negative word about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, yet in my mind even though I heard such things from sources I have regard for, I still felt somehow that they would not be warranted, and they were not.  THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a very good movie, not a masterpiece, but still a great movie and a very fitting end to the Christopher Nolan directed Batman trilogy.

If at all possible see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in an IMAX theater.  For the power of the sound alone it is worth the extra ticket cost.  Throughout the entire movie I felt there was a rumbling bass line either prominently in the foreground or lingering in the background.  This also was a negative, as it constantly felt like I was being pummeled during the movie, that there was no let up.  If one cannot exhale, it makes for a difficult viewing experience.  This is not to say that TDKR is nonstop action.  There are actually very few huge action set pieces.  The main fighting between Batman and Bane, the menacing villain, thankfully remains personal and up close.

TDKR surprisingly picks up and carries on story lines from BATMAN BEGINS involving the League of Shadows and Ra’s al Ghul.  I found these interesting, though for most of the movie they were rather hard to follow.  Definitely a lot of things that happen in the first act of the movie only make sense come the third act.  This also makes for a somewhat off putting viewing experience.  The payoff I found was worth it though.

Since we last saw Batman, he has retired and Bruce Wayne is just a recluse as Gotham itself is virtually crime free thanks to new laws that past after Batman’s alleged crimes.  We know this is not going to last as we get a brutal introduction to Bane, an extremely confident and physically imposing figure who wears a cyber-octopus looking mask that at once makes everything he says sound super badass, but also often unintelligible.  I do not know if it was just the theatre having the bass up too much, but much of what Bane said in the first half of the movie was a real strain to understand, if I could at all.  Not that he really needed words, his violent and specific actions spoke for themselves.  I was afraid of Bane, and afraid for Batman to face him.  Bane definitely came off as a legit physical threat to Batman.

In fact by the end of the second act it seems that there is totally no hope for Gotham.  I thought how in the world can this be reversed?  Through fear, that is how.

The climax was a fierce battle with a plot twist I did not see coming at all.  THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a very different movie than either of the first two installments.  It seems, though, the appropriate direction and way to end this Batman’s legend.


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