CATCH ME IF YOU CAN [2002] movie review

December 1, 2012 · Print This Article

I found that CATCH ME IF YOU CAN really showed the dualistic nature of the universe. Leonardo DiCaprio as the very young, but very crafty con man, charming man, check forger extraordinaire and Tom Hanks as the very dedicated, very serious, very devoted FBI agent in charge of check fraud. It occurred to me that such people, such masters of their craft, need each other in order for either one of them to even exist. One needs to run and be chased, the other needs to chase and catch, but not catch too easily or too quickly.

It seems using charm and wily ways is something DiCaprio learned from his father played by Christopher Walken, which given that Walken was busted by the IRS bigtime, you think would have scared DiCaprio straight, but he was more scared about what happened to his parent’s marriage and ran for years and years.

I often think I wished I lived in the 1950s and 1960s and seeing how naive the world was back then as shown in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, where the sight of an airline pilot elicited smiles and stares because air travel was still so novel and exotic, I am not sure such feelings exist for anything anymore. Still, I myself have traveled in places here and abroad where charm can get you an advantage, so perhaps in small pockets it still does.

DiCaprio’s brashness and daring allowed him to be a doctor, a lawyer and an airline co-pilot all without ever actually performing any critical duties of those professions. The movie is full of numerous clever scenes showing how it can be done if one is just bold enough, and the world innocent enough.

As the movie progresses the bond and duality between Hanks and DiCaprio grows. It becomes apparent each needs each other as they develop a ritual of talking on Christmas Eve.

The movie is based on a true story and not knowing how it turned out in real life was a real bonus for me as I was completely surprised by the ending. Much of the movie revolves around Christmas time so December is the perfect month to watch the very clever & entertaining Spielberg film CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.


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