SON OF GODZILLA [2012] movie review

December 9, 2012 · Print This Article

I do not ever really recall seeing SON OF GODZILLA before, as I continue my Godzilla movie marathon with this lighthearted 1967 installment that introduces Godzilla’s apparent offspring born from a giant glowing egg.

We see Godzilla right away, which is always a good thing, but only briefly and then that’s it for a long time as a plane flies over the Pacific in a heavy storm. They trace the source of some unusual radio waves to a tiny island and a crew member who is apparently a reporter with parachute skills jumps from the plane and is reluctantly welcomed by the group of scientists doing secret weather experiments on the island. The rest of the entire movie takes place on this small piece of land.

As is often the case, there just happens to be a lone woman living hidden on the island who the reporter spots one day swimming in a lagoon. Naturally she is super beautiful and takes a liking to him. I guess movies like this and many others instilled in me as a child that such magical meetings were common place. Having visited tiny islands in the Pacific myself, I could say such things are not entirely impossible.

The weather experiment makes the already very large praying mantis monsters on the island truly gigantic. They find an egg and begin trying to crack it. Out pops a rather pathetic looking reptilian creature that has no chance of surviving, but of course Godzilla makes a very timely arrival and starts nurturing the creature which is presumed to be his son as per the title of the movie. This results in several comical scenes as Godzilla tries to teach Minya how to roar and breath thermonuclear breath.

The big fight is between the two of them and a slumbering spider referred to as Spyga. It takes the combined forces of Minya and Godzilla to take it out. The humans are rescued after they radio for help and successfully execute the cold weather experiment resulting in a rather touching final scene of heavy snow falling on the island and little Minya huddled against Godzilla as the weather overcomes them, though we are assured they will just hibernate and wake up ok when the snow melts.


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