SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK [2012] movie review

January 16, 2013 · Print This Article

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK [2012] is a difficult, powerful, visceral movie that will only further convince you that Jennifer Lawrence is the most fascinating actress in Hollywood right now, though some may say I am a little biased.  Nevertheless, I was drawn in almost against my will into SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK in an emotional way that made me adjust my seating position in hopes of influencing the events of the final scenes of the movie.

As is often the case, I had only fragmental knowledge of the story going in.  I knew it was about football, and that Jen-Law (as I call her) was in it, along with DeNiro and Bradley Cooper and that is was maybe supposed to be a comedy.  Although I did ha several times, I would not describe SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK as a comedy at all, it is a nonstop ride with Cooper’s manic newly released from mental institution character as he seems to never stop talking, moving, seeking.

At first it seems impossible he will end up anywhere but back in the hospital.  He wakes up his parents at 4am to rail against how Hemingway ended one of his novels, after instantly throwing the book out the window upon finishing it.

Even when he first meets Jen-Law, you know she must be the thing that helps him recover his sanity, but she herself has suffered emotional trauma and has her own kind of crazy going on.

So the manic first act realistically showing mental breakdowns by Cooper and Jen-Law slowly transforms into a romance movie, but a most unique one, perhaps better described as those that are emotionally raw being able to only find solace in those that are also emotionally raw.

All the time Cooper dreams of reuniting with his wife, who has a restraining order against him, but Jen-Law offers to give her a letter on his behalf.  For this though, he must give her something, which is to be her dance partner for a competition.  He agrees, the letter is passed on, and there is even a letter in reply.

The third act of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is what ascends the movie to top five movie of the year, and really a movie that will not be forgotten.  Cooper’s fate, Jen-Law’s fate, Cooper’s family’s fate, is all tied up in a parlay bet that would sound ludicrous out of context but in fact was the result of one of the most incredible scenes I have scene in a movie.

With the stage set, my fear built as I worried greatly about what would happen to Cooper & Jen-Law as the twists in the story are revealed.  I could see one or two of them making a viewer gasp.  You definitely have a oh my moment.  Again, these elevate the movie beyond ordinary.

Dylan sings with Johnny Cash and others, a version of “Girl From the North Country,” one of my favorite songs of his, that plays in the background making for a powerful montage scene.

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK is a real emotional movie experience, and I was surprised and astounded by it.


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