AMOUR [2012] movie review

February 14, 2013 · Print This Article

I almost never include spoilers in my movie reviews, but this time for the French movie AMOUR [2012] that was beyond my fathomability nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, I have to. I have to because I have to stress why you should absolutely not waste your time watching this abomination of a movie.

The story is very simple, a very old man lives with his very old wife in a very old apartment in Paris. She has a stroke. From the opening scene we know she dies. The movie itself is just watching a very old man take care of without much help a very old woman. It is an utterly miserable movie, utterly unoriginal and has perhaps the worst ending in movie history.

Calling this a movie is too good for it. There is absolutely nothing cinematic about it. It looks like it was shot with an iPhone on a tripod. The camera just sits there watching an old man do things. There is no score. There is no plot, no pace, no dramatic arc. It is just 2+ hours of misery.

The taking care of someone until they die story has been done in countless movies in the past. AMOUR adds nothing to those others and therefore has no reason to be made.







So this old man spends countless time tediously caring for his dying wife with little help from a 3 times a week nurse an none from their heartless daughter. AMOUR also suffers from a super annoying movie gimmick of having the old man talk with other characters we have no idea who they are until the end of the conversation when they say, oh, good bye daughter, or good bye former pupil. Total gimmick and annoying.

So after 2 hours of watching this old man take care of his dying wife and pleading with her to eat and try to live, etc, all of a sudden out of nowhere he picks up a pillow and smothers her to death! Then we just see a useless scene of him catching a pigeon in the apartment, clipping the tops off flowers, then some movie gimmick of him imagining his wife being alive, then their daughter comes into the empty apartment, sits down, and the movie ends. What??

I contemplated stopping watching this movie early on as I could see it was going nowhere and was as I feared, just an exercise in nothingness. I have no idea how on Earth this movie is nominated for an Academy Award.

Do not watch this movie unless you want to utterly waste 2 hours of your life and feel miserable and cheated at the end of it.


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