RED RIDING HOOD [2011] movie review

February 15, 2013 · Print This Article

Since Verizon has made HBO free for a few months, and all I have to do is browse a menu on my DVR, it led me to watching a movie I probably never would have otherwise, RED RIDING HOOD [2011]. I recorded it based on the names of the actors in the movie, Amanda Sayfried and Gary Oldman, but taking a quick peak at its IMDB page I thought I might be taking a big risk in wasting my time. It was not a top tier movie by any means, but for a Friday night movie when you just want to try and figure out a mystery in an isolated mountain village, I was entertained enough.

The two tips I did pick up before watching it were that the whole movie the viewer is left to try and guess who the wolf really is (I did not catch on until toward the very end, but I am poor at such things!) and that apparently in this village snow is not cold. I am not sure I would have noticed the latter had I not read someone’s comment on it, but it is surprising how little clothing people where in this village which has near perpetual snowfall and a blanket of the stuff all over everything.

Still, the acting was not that bad, the dialogue not all that bad, and the characters not entirely uninteresting. What really makes the movie watchable is the mystery though of guessing who the wolf is. Gary Oldman barges into their mountain valley village giving us tons of lore of how to spot a wolf, though he is not a sympathetic character himself, and actually pretty evil. Sympathetic village folk are unceremoniously killed by his hand.

There is no gore to speak of in the PG-13 rated movie, and the werewolf itself is not that gruesome looking and we never even see a transformation scene!


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