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I knew there was a reason why I absentmindedly decided to record ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID [2004] from HBO a few weeks ago. After a long week it was the kind of semi B-movie that fits nicely into a Friday night. A few hours of escape to a jungle along with of course escape from giant snakes!

The production values are pretty good, as this movie was originally supposed to be direct to video, but got bumped to a theatrical release along with a little more budget. There is a decent amount of plot and thus motivation for the characters to act how they do, though the acting itself is not top caliber. Still, there were no truly over the top characters making everything seem somewhat plausible, besides the fact of course anacondas are only in South America, not in Borneo! I have traveled in Borneo and I was hoping for a peak at a familiar spot, but none came.

There is basically no gore at all, and the scares are not that strong, making this a good horror type movie for people like myself who do not care for gore or for suffering stress while watching a movie.


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