GROSS POINTE BLANK [1997] movie review

June 29, 2013

I have written before about movies that I think were made just to put together a cool soundtrack. GROSSE POINTE BLANK [1997] is one of those such movies, as on its own it is an awkward blend of comedy, violence and high school nostalgia. [Read more]

WORLD WAR Z [2013] movie review

June 28, 2013

The trailer for WORLD WAR Z [2013] was very attention getting making someone like me who does not like zombie movies (or TV shows) actually interested in seeing it. The scale of WORLD WAR Z seemed to be larger than the usual claustrophobic style of horror movies and since it was rated PG-13 I knew there would not be excessive gore to have to deal with either. [Read more]

SPRING BREAKERS [2012] movie review

June 27, 2013

When SPRING BREAKERS [2012] first came out I really wanted to go see it, partly because it was made where I live, St. Petersburg, Florida. I am really glad I waited, but I really wish I had waited forever as it is one of the worst movies I have seen in recent times. Imagine a movie with no plot, that repeats lines of dialogue over and over and has the worst pacing possible. It is hard to imagine that the writer-director of this movie also wrote one of my all-time favorite movies (KIDS [1995]). [Read more]

HOUSESITTER [1992] movie review

June 23, 2013

Reading in the IMDB trivia section that Goldie Hawn was only the third choice to play the lead in HOUSESITTER [1992] seems preposterous at how she was not the first and only choice. She is perfect as a free spirited habitual liar who easily talks her way into a brand new house, with an invented husband and entire backstory for how it all came about. [Read more]

THE CALL [2013] movie review

June 22, 2013

The first surprise movie of 2013 is THE CALL starring Halle Berry as a 911 call center operator. From beginning to end this was a taunt thriller that played very smart. Characters acted like real people and never did anything dumb to take the viewer out of the movie and break the tension causing you to think, “why did she do that??” [Read more]

LAKE PLACID [1999] movie review

June 16, 2013

WIth an A-list cast and a script by David E. Kelley, I was expecting much more from LAKE PLACID [1999]. I have no idea how he got all those actors to commit to this movie, my only guess is he did not bother to show them the script ahead of time, probably because he wrote it just in an hour before shooting began. [Read more]

CLOSER [2004] movie review

June 15, 2013

Somehow I feel like I have previously seen CLOSER [2004] as certain scenes did seem to be very faintly familiar, or maybe that is just how the movie plays out and affects the viewer. Natalie Portman long has been a favorite so just her presence alone could make the movie seem familiar. Either way, I knew I was taking a risk by watching this movie, that it could be nothing but malice and a downer. It would have been, if not for Portman’s character staying likable throughout. [Read more]

TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE [2012] movie review

June 9, 2013

It is too bad that I am now hesitant to watch, at least a contemporary, Clint Eastwood movie due to his political nonsense in 2012, but I put that aside and watched TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE [2012]. Eastwood has long been my favorite Hollywood figure in totality counting his acting and directing, and even looked how I hope I will look if I live to be that long, tough, gnarled, like a man. In TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE he plays a stereotypical gruff old “get off my lawn” man as is possible. It went a bit too far in the movie, especially his “grunt” answers, but at least no one can make it more believable than Eastwood. [Read more]

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