WORLD WAR Z [2013] movie review

June 28, 2013 · Print This Article

The trailer for WORLD WAR Z [2013] was very attention getting making someone like me who does not like zombie movies (or TV shows) actually interested in seeing it. The scale of WORLD WAR Z seemed to be larger than the usual claustrophobic style of horror movies and since it was rated PG-13 I knew there would not be excessive gore to have to deal with either.

The trailer gives away the opening, as Brad Pitt and family are stuck in traffic when World War Z basically starts. This is the first time we see quick thinking and quick action by Pitt save his life, and his family’s life. It helps he used to work for the UN and still has a high up connection that can get a chopper to him, that is by morning so they will have to survive the night.

Pitt spends the movie investigating the zombie pandemic like he would any other type of mass infection. This is what makes the movie larger in scope as Pitt country hops following clues and escaping zombies, usually simultaneously.

I was surprised that Pitt was not some super badass fighter. He had skills of course, but mostly he used his head when he had to fight and also got a lot of help from the people around him.

I had not really heard much before about the production difficulties of the movie, but the third act did seem to have a totally different tone and feel, which I have subsequently learned was because it was actually reshot. I liked the final act a lot, aging because it did not involve any real super badass fighting, but rather stealth and courage.

The ultimate way the zombie situation is dealt with at the end was another surprise and seemed rather plausible in the context of the movie. Also, if you are allergic to gore like I am, there is pretty much zero gore so no worries there.


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