OBLIVION [2013] movie review

July 26, 2013 · Print This Article

I am not usually good at predicting plot twists in movies, mostly because I just like the story to take me along and try not to analyze things too much while watching, but in OBLIVION [2013] I pretty much was able to guess what the twists were in the first two thirds of the movie, but the final third had a couple of surprises, which I actually did not like and greatly reduced what the movie could have been.

OBLIVION is in the slow paced sci-fi genre, which I like, though often with these movies trimming some of the running time would make the slow pace flow better. A lot of movies seem to be good at getting to the halfway point with good flow and holding viewer interest, then a distracting secondary storyline or just slowing of the initial story momentum breaks up the movie hurting its overall entertainment value.

I enjoyed the slow introduction to the world that Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough seemed to inhabit all to themselves. Earth had been destroyed in a nuclear war with an invading alien race. We learn of this through a lot of exposition by Cruise to open the movie, which I was not ready for so had to rewind and listen to again.

Cruise is essentially a mechanic, albeit for advanced drones and travels around in a cool bubble helicopter jet. His partner is on comms, and is also his non-platonic roommate. Their relationship is never really defined.

The sci-fi of the story and what happened in the war that destroyed Earth I found interesting and is too complicated to even summarize here. What drives the movie is the truth behind what really happened and what really was the result of that war.

The ending could have been heroically tragic and I was shocked it was going to happen, then of course it did not making OBLIVION, ultimately, just another semi-decent sci-fi movie. No consequences for the characters results in no drama to the story. It seems only the world of Game of Thrones has the ability to really create this in current genre storytelling.


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