STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS [2013] movie review – recommended

August 30, 2013

Four years later JJ Abrams did it again with the sequel STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS [2013] capturing everything I liked about how he rebooted the franchise in 2009 and building on the characters. [Read more]

NOW YOU SEE ME [2013] movie review

August 24, 2013

I was ten fold more entertained by NOW YOU SEE ME [2013] tonight than I was watching IRON MAN 3 [2013] yesterday. Everything about NOW YOU SEE ME is very slick from the illusions you see on screen to the characters themselves. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. [Read more]

THE DAYTRIPPERS [1996] movie review

August 17, 2013

Yet another movie whose title has long been in my head, THE DAYTRIPPERS [1996] was very, very different than what I thought it would be. I had no idea it would involve multiple generations and a middle class family over 24 hours in the New York area pursuing a mystery at the drop of a hat! [Read more]

PAIN & GAIN [2013] movie review

August 16, 2013

I cannot say I heard about this movie when it opened in April, but PAIN & GAIN [2013] was a surprisingly solid dark comedy action movie starring Mark Wahlberg and The Rock Dwayne Johnson directed by Michael Bay. [Read more]

SHOOT OUT [1971] movie review

August 11, 2013

So many westerns suffer from unfortunate, generic names. That is certainly true of SHOOT OUT [1971] starring Gregory Peck, which contained zero shoot outs. The title has nothing to do with the movie at all with Peck playing a recently released convict, Clay Lomax, who is surprised to find a young girl waiting for him at the train station instead of just an envelope of cash as he was expecting. [Read more]

INTOLERABLE CRUELTY [2003] movie review

August 10, 2013

Looking for a change of pace movie this evening, I selected INTOLERABLE CRUELTY [2003] from the DVR archives of when I had a free trial of HBO in the spring. It is a Coen Brothers movie, but not thought to be one of their best, and I would have to agree. This is one of their farce type movies, the other type being the darker comedy/drama. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks stunning, I never realized she was so pretty before, which makes it at least plausible to believe so many men would still be willing to marry her knowing she is a gold digger. [Read more]

THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN [1971] movie review – recommended

August 9, 2013

A stunningly cerebral sci-fi thriller, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN [1971] was all business with no gimmicks and plenty of building tension. It was not at all what I expected. [Read more]

MUD [2013] movie review – recommended

August 2, 2013

I am sure MUD [2013] will be on my top ten list of 2013 movies. I had not even heard of the movie before today, but I am sure I will be thinking about it for days. This is a thoughtful and observant drama about two young Arkansas boys who find a boat high up in a tree on a small island, and also a mysterious stranger who asks them for help. [Read more]