INTOLERABLE CRUELTY [2003] movie review

August 10, 2013 · Print This Article

Looking for a change of pace movie this evening, I selected INTOLERABLE CRUELTY [2003] from the DVR archives of when I had a free trial of HBO in the spring. It is a Coen Brothers movie, but not thought to be one of their best, and I would have to agree. This is one of their farce type movies, the other type being the darker comedy/drama. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks stunning, I never realized she was so pretty before, which makes it at least plausible to believe so many men would still be willing to marry her knowing she is a gold digger.

I like George Clooney in Coen Brothers movies, and though he still plays a very confident and successful lawyer, he has vulnerabilities and quirks so he is not just some super cool guy waltzing across the screen. He is able to win divorce cases that when first described to him and the viewer sound absolutely impossible to win.

Through one such case he mets Zeta-Jones, but as opposing counsel representing her husband. He wins and she ended up with nothing due to his lawyering skills. Even though he knows all about her, he is admittedly fascinated by her and attracted to her. She ignores him and continues on looking for the next husband to divorce and get some money from, since she put in five years for nothing with her recently ended marriage, to use her terms.

Just how involved is Clooney willing to get with her? Can he ever trust her? Can she ever trust him to really love her? The final act has a few twists and tries to show if love can win over all. The thing I will remember most about this movie is a quote Clooney uses from the poet Christopher Marlowe that goes, “Whoever loved that loved not at first sight.” Is this not true?


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