THIS IS THE END [2013] movie review

September 14, 2013 · Print This Article

When I first saw the trailer for THIS IS THE END [2013] I was intrigued as it looked kind of like a low budget special effects movie with the usual gang all together of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, etc. In fact that is pretty much what it was. I did not realize then though that the actors play themselves and that it is not an alien invasion, but actually the Rapture.

Things start out with a party at Franco’s new house that is packed with other celebrities. Michael Cera has the most fun for sure during these scenes. Then boom, the Rapture happens, but no one knows this for sure. A huge pit opens in front of the house and nearly everyone falls into it save for Rogen, Franco, Hill and two others. They confess to only playing tough guys on screen as they are in reality soft, very soft with no real survival skills.

They board themselves up in Franco’s house with very little actual food and water. They all still act very juvenile despite being in a very serious situation, which is part of the comedy, seeing them still crack on each other over petty things while the world burns outside. They are not the only survivors as it turns out with a few people making cameos, Emma Watson in particular was great in such a role.

Ultimately each person has to admit their flaws and work out their issues with each other, in a crude way of course. They realize in order to survive the end times, they have to become good people so they can Rapture before it is too late.

I laughed a number of times, and I enjoyed the feeling of being able to hangout with those actors in a seemingly natural setting, however like the other movies I see starring this usual cast, I would not want to have a repeat viewing.


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