SOUND OF MY VOICE [2012] movie review – recommended

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Brit Marling has rocketed to the top of my list of must see in every movie actresses.  I first saw her in ANOTHER EARTH [2011] and a few weeks ago in THE EAST [2013], and tonight in SOUND OF MY VOICE [2012].  I would say there is some commonality in all three characters she plays in each movie in how she uses just her presence and her eyes in these roles to express the nature of the characters, more than words.  However, as the title would suggest, in SOUND OF MY VOICE, the viewer cannot help but be tempted to be hypnotized by the soft stories she tells to her followers.

Marling plays a woman named Maggie.  We are introduced to her in a most unusual way.  A young couple mysteriously drive into a house’s garage in the suburbs.  They are following a set of instructions.  The close the garage door and are taken inside.  Each door that opens has suspense as things are made to feel very creepy, down to being told to be very thorough with the soap.  Driven blindfolded to yet another house garage, they are led down a basement and perform a very complicated secret handshake of sorts.  All this time I was wondering are they going to donate an organ, or receive some underground form of surgery as everything had a hospital like sterility feel to it.

This was not the case as all for Maggie enters and tells she is from the future, 2054 to be exact.  She is looking for true believers and the young couple, Peter and Lorna are meeting her for the first time.  This is the first twist if you will in the story.  The next one comes very quickly as after that first encounter back at their home, Peter is revealed to have a camera in his glasses.  They are working on a documentary to expose Maggie as a fraud.  After just one meeting, it seems Lorna is a bit taken, but Peter remains steadfast.  The remainder of the movie is strong evidence both for and against the legitimacy of Maggie, with an ending that is seemingly predictable, stunning and abrupt.  This is a short movie, just a bit over 1 hour and 20 minutes long, but that is to its benefit.

The pacing fits the tone of the movie, nothing is rushed, it is up to the viewer to let go and go along with it.  I often happen to out of the blue watch a movie that exactly fits my peculiar mood of the moment, and such was the case with SOUND OF MY VOICE, making it a movie I am not soon to forget.


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