DISCONNECT [2012] movie review – recommended

September 21, 2013 · Print This Article

I have no idea how I had not heard of DISCONNECT [2012] until yesterday. It is yet another 2012 discovery that makes my top ten of 2012 list even less accurate. DISCONNECT is a powerful movie about what we really should be putting our energy into.

DISCONNECT follows three different stories showing the different effects of online communication. These stories do not stay disconnected from each other as the story deepens. A couple has their credit cards and bank accounts hacked and money stolen. How did someone get access to them, and who was it? Two high school boys setup a fake Facebook account to tease an outcast boy. The third story involves a TV reporter interviewing a teen boy who makes money showing himself on a webcam. Some twists are predictable, others are not. The sympathy the viewer feels changes from one character to the next. Everyone seems to be hurting in this movie.

The third act builds the tension as we find out just how far each character is willing to go to get answers. The real point the movie makes is that the answers are not even what energy should be spent on, as it is costing real family relationships. What will it cost personally to them and to others pursuing answers? They should really be looking into why these problems arose in the first place.

I was anxious the entire end of the movie. Here is when things started taking unpredictable turns. Characters were really about to make life altering decisions, for better or worse. Much of the movie is draining emotionally, and even though there really were no happy endings, DISCONNECT does not leave the viewer without hope. This is a highly recommended drama.


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