THE AWAKENING [2011] movie review

October 26, 2013

I went for back-to-back nights with scary movies, though THE AWAKENING [2011] is the mildest of mild for scary movies, which was just fine with me. I saw a blurb that this was a ghost story for adults, and I would agree with that. [Read more]

THE CONJURING [2013] movie review

October 25, 2013

Even though I really do not like horror movies, or really even scary movies, I let myself get convinced to watch one or two every year around Halloween time, thus tonight I watched THE CONJURING [2013] as I mostly stick to the haunted house genre for my scares, never slasher or gore. [Read more]

MAN OF STEEL [2013] movie review

October 19, 2013

I had heard that MAN OF STEEL [2013] made the origin story of Superman somewhat like that of Jesus, I would say rather, that religious elements were added as it does seem that people would attribute divine qualities to a being with the powers of Superman.  This was balanced equally though by science in explaining the source of Superman’s strength and abilities.  These two things, along with powerful fight scenes, combined to make an effective, modern superhero movie. [Read more]

THE HEAT [2013] movie review

October 18, 2013

Before Melissa McCarthy became popular in recent years, I knew her as Sookie the cook on The Gilmore Girls. I can see now she was holding back a lot in that role as now, in movie like THE HEAT [2013], she has been given full reign to go crazy on screen, which is not necessarily a good thing. [Read more]

THE WAY WAY BACK [2013] movie review – recommended

October 12, 2013

Yet another recent movie that passed by without much attention that I am glad I finally caught, THE WAY WAY BACK [2013] is a very effective coming of age story of a 14-year old boy spending a summer in Cape Cod, when he would rather be anywhere else. [Read more]

JOE KIDD [1972] movie review

October 12, 2013

When I saw that JOE KIDD [1972] was directed by John Sturges and written by Elmore Leonard my expectations went up for this Clint Eastwood western. It turns out I was a bit too hopeful though as it seems everyone was basically phoning in their performances in this rather generic A-list western. [Read more]

GRAVITY [2013] movie review – recommended

October 11, 2013

I cannot recall trying to use all my sensing more while watching a movie than when I watched GRAVITY [2013] tonight.  This is ironic as I have seen few movies that provide so little sensory stimulation.  The lack of sensory overload from the tone of the movie made me use my own senses in such a heightened way that it pulled me deeply into space with Sandra Bullock. [Read more]

THE WOLVERINE [2013] movie review

October 8, 2013

It seems to be a trend to take away a superhero’s powers for much of the movie these days, and I do not like that at all. THE WOLVERINE [2013] does this, as did IRON MAN 3 and also THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Why make a superhero movie without the super powers? This can even be traced back to SUPERMAN II from the Christopher Reeve era. This is one of many things that made THE WOLVERINE enjoyable only if you really like seeing the Wolverine character and also if you happen to be interested in Japan. [Read more]

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