THE COMPANY YOU KEEP [2012] movie review

October 5, 2013 · Print This Article

Almost from the very beginning of THE COMPANY YOU KEEP [2012] I was searching for how to put the feel of the movie into words. The challenge is evident by the words that finally near the very end of the movie did come to my mind, which were, “why bother?”

I only watched this movie because I saw that new favorite actress (ok, crush) Brit Marling had a role in it. I knew it was only a small one, but the rest of the cast looked very promising at least. However, in a movie filled with adults played by very well known actors no less, casting Shia LaBeouf as a newspaper reporter that is trying to outsmart them is not a very wise choice. I like LaBeouf enough, and think he is good in roles like DISTURBIA [2007], but here he very much looked like what he was playing, a kid lost on the screen. Brit was very good in her small role though!

The movie was billed as a thriller. Well, this thriller could be watched by someone even with the most sensitive of heart conditions because other than a very cliched will he get on the subway and escape getting caught scene, there was absolutely nothing thrilling about COMPANY. Like I said before, why bother?

Robert Redford directed himself in this movie for why, I have no idea. We are supposed to be interested in some protest group he was in 30 years ago and about a bank guard getting killed during one of their robbery protests. Not to sound harsh, but it is hard to feel anything when the FBI shows up and says, you are under arrest for the murder of someone thirty years ago we as viewers barely even know about via newsreel flashbacks. All I thought was, why is the FBI devoting huge amounts of resources to track down someone who killed someone three decades ago?

The entire movie is basically Redford getting in touch with former members of the group. This is extremely boring. We know nothing about them, learn almost nothing about them from their scenes, and worst of all continue to care nothing about Redford. Who even knows what he is trying to do? Clear his name? From what? He is already like 75 years old, so what if he ends up in jail? There is absolutely no tension, no sense of consequence in COMPANY and is truly, truly only for someone wanting to be a completist of Brit Marling’s filmography.


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