THE HEAT [2013] movie review

October 18, 2013 · Print This Article

Before Melissa McCarthy became popular in recent years, I knew her as Sookie the cook on The Gilmore Girls. I can see now she was holding back a lot in that role as now, in movie like THE HEAT [2013], she has been given full reign to go crazy on screen, which is not necessarily a good thing.

This makes two weekends in a row watching Sandra Bullock (last weekend was GRAVITY) in a movie and it makes me want to go back and more purposefully view her filmography. In contrast, I think McCarthy’s schtick is wearing thin and hopefully her next role will not just be her being as obnoxious as possible at all times, and especially not as vulgar. Bullock is a super button upped and competent FBI agent. No one likes her because she is too perfect at her job. McCarthy is the polar opposite and is equally disliked. They do not even like each other at first, of course, as the movie follows the cop formula of pairing opposites together to solve a case.

That is what this movie lacks, an actual interesting case to base all their crazy antics on. This is why I think IDENTITY THIEF worked better for McCarthy, her crazy antics there were all that were expected. In THE HEAT putting it in the cop detective world a story is expected otherwise it just trivializes any conflict between the good guys and bad guys.

There were some funny lines, but mostly just a lot of swearing for swearing’s sake, especially whenever any of McCarthy’s family were around. The movie was also a good fifteen minutes too long. There is an entire bar scene with McCarthy loosening up the stiff Bullock with drinks that just goes on way, way too long and for no reason other than to setup another act of violence that has zero impact because for a movie that is pure silly, basing it in a cop & drug lord world just is a poor match.

The ending has a twist with the bad guy, but it’s like the viewer walked into another movie and caught a glimpse of another movie because it is out of nowhere and again does not have much meaning. The final ending scenes are just really awkward feeling and seemed totally tacked on.


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