THE CONJURING [2013] movie review

October 25, 2013 · Print This Article

Even though I really do not like horror movies, or really even scary movies, I let myself get convinced to watch one or two every year around Halloween time, thus tonight I watched THE CONJURING [2013] as I mostly stick to the haunted house genre for my scares, never slasher or gore.

THE CONJURING is a very good haunted house movie with, for someone easily disturbed by such movies, a tolerable level of fright with only a little blood. It was set in the early 70s and had a throwback feel to classic haunted house movies like THE CHANGELING. I was not sure to believe that the movie was based on a true story, but IMDB confirms it was. That does nothing for me as I do not believe in ghosts, so it remained solid fictional entertainment.

Set in my home state of Rhode Island (though I did not think it was really filmed there from the trees & the credits thanks North Carolina) a big family of seven moves into an old house, naturally! Even with no spooky happenings, how anyone could move into a house like that is beyond me. There is not enough lighting in that house to read a book by, never mind feel safe from ghosts!

From the very first night there evidence of a spirit presence is felt. Unfortunately, there is also harm done to a dog, which I never need to see and could have done without. Things escalate at a solid, but controlled pace mixing between tense nights and calmer days allowing the viewer to exhale enough between scares.

We are first introduced though to a husband and wife team of paranormal investigators. It is foreshadowed that they will eventually be called in to help the family. What I liked from all the actors and the script was that it was totally no nonsense. There was not prolonged ignoring of obviously unnatural occurrences. No one was skeptical despite overwhelming evidence (like what happens in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies). This means the viewer does not really ever need to scream at a character you are an idiot don’t do that you will get killed!

The investigators are no nonsense as well and look like normal people (as much as people from the 70s can!). It really was refreshing to not feel the frustration of dumb or nonsensical characters. Even the most common complaint of viewers, “just leave the house!” is explained as being pointless as the demonic spirt has already latched onto the family.

THE CONJURING only further serves to show that one should never build a house with a basement, let alone live in one. The one good thing about Florida, no basements! I can remember in my childhood going down into some and it never felt right.

For full-on or partial chickens like myself, THE CONJURING is a palatable scary movie that will not traumatize you, though it is still work to watch it.


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