THE AWAKENING [2011] movie review

October 26, 2013 · Print This Article

I went for back-to-back nights with scary movies, though THE AWAKENING [2011] is the mildest of mild for scary movies, which was just fine with me. I saw a blurb that this was a ghost story for adults, and I would agree with that.

Set in England not long after World War I, Florence Cathcart is a bold woman working as a hoax exposer in partnership with the police. We only get to see her expose one hoax, but I wanted to see more! At least now I know how they make candles mysteriously extinguish.

She is approached by a teacher from a boy’s boarding school that is having alleged ghost problems. Florence has written a book stating that ghosts are hoaxed so after being manipulated into taking the job, she arrives to find out who the naughty alive boy is who has been causing the trouble. Her deductive skills do prove effective in exposing the natural cause of death of a current student. However, she saw another boy that she cannot explain.

THE AWAKENING is slow paced and atmospheric, which I like in a haunted house movie. The scares and tense scenes are actually few making the movie more of a psychological mystery than a horror movie. In comparison to THE CONJURING last night, this move though Rated R seemed G Rated.

For the first two acts the story is very simple, but come the third act and especially the end, the story becomes overly complicated an I actually could not keep up with the rapid series of twists needing to read a plot summary on IMDB to really know what happened. This is a flaw that keeps me from rating the movie higher that played well until the end, not that the ending twist was not a very good one, just the execution of it could have been clearer.

For those with a very low tolerance for scares, THE AWAKENING is an ideal ghost story.


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