WE’RE THE MILLERS [2013] movie review

November 1, 2013 · Print This Article

Likability goes a long way in a movie being successful, especially a comedy, and that is what the cast has in WE’RE THE MILLERS [2013]. Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston, though I only know her from movies never watched her TV show, SNL fans will know Jason Sudeikis, and I have liked Emma Roberts since THE ART OF GETTING BY, and Will Poulter blended together to make a very good pretend family that everybody secretly wanted.

The actual plot of the movie is a rather criminal one, but there is no malice in MILLERS so a small time drug dealer going across the border to Mexico to smuggle drugs back to Colorado is all very benign. The most harm comes in how everyone treats each other. David gets his stash stolen and money too, which his drug kingpin boss does not take kindly too so offers him a way to get square by going to Mexico. How to smuggle a smidge of drugs across the border without getting searched? He gets the idea that a family in an RV would be the least suspicious so he asks his exotic dancer neighbor, loner kid neighbor, and some runaway girl from the street to join him.

This is an R-rated comedy, allowing for very course language and some very graphic comedic sexual references I was not expecting, not to mention male frontal nudity!

David’s plan goes surprisingly well at first, but hiccups escalate and then there are what could be called actual plot twists that create danger for them. All the while their quirks go from only annoying each other to endearing them together and they have to stop acting so much to be a real family as it becomes more natural to them to start to look out for each other. Lest things get too sugary, there is always a quick middle finger to be given or raunchy reference made. Do not watch this movie with your mom!

Even though everything is fairly predictable, it is welcome that it goes as scripted as everyone is just very likable and like the reluctant fake family, you cannot help but eventually like the movie too. I would watch a sequel!


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