PRISONERS [2013] movie review – recommended

December 6, 2013 · Print This Article

It is not possible to review PRISONERS [2013] in any detail other than to mention the basic premise of the story and then say the first half of the movie is a slow burn where you doubt if the movie is any good and going to be any good. Then the second half of the movie accelerates the unfolding of the story until the final credits come and the viewer is left with no doubt that this was a hauntingly, special thriller.

This movie went well under my radar somehow. When I saw it had an 8.1 rating on IMDB I was further perplexed. Even more so reading that the story revolved around the disappearance of two young girls and the fathers of those girls going beyond what the law can in trying to find them. On the surface, that is the whole story. It is a very, very grim story and I often thought why would Hugh Jackman want to make a movie like this? What is the point?

In the end I think the point of this movie is about faith and the consequences of having it, losing it and keeping it.

The movie gives the viewer plenty of time to think and try and figure out the mystery on their own. I noticed one detail early on that would later become critical to solving the case. I picked up on it even before the lead detective did. Connecting abstracts is something my mind is suited for, while tasking it with putting together an IKEA bookshelf would perplex it.

The twists, if you can call them that, perhaps better to describe them as revelations, reward the careful and attentive viewer as the director does only gives one look at them, blows your mind, and then moves on, no spelling out past clues with current new information in forced flashbacks. This adds greatly to the sudden break in solving the question of who took those girls and why. PRISONERS just might be the best movie of 2013.


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