ENOUGH SAID [2013] movie review

January 25, 2014

During the scene when Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ and James Gandolfini’s characters (Eva & Albert) were remarking how unattractive each other’s feet were, I was thinking, this is why you do not make romantic comedies about people in their 50s, or at least ones like this. ENOUGH SAID [2013] was my choice to watch tonight because I thought it would be a fun enjoyable movie, something to wash away the bad taste that INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS left last night, but ENOUGH SAID ended up leaving its own bad taste. [Read more]

THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN [2013] movie review – recommended

January 24, 2014

Thanks to being nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, I heard about THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN [2013]. It was released in 2013 in the U.S. and will very likely end up on my list of top ten movies of the year. It is a Belgian movie with very strong and raw performances. Raw is the word to best describe every minute of this movie. [Read more]

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB [2013] movie review

January 18, 2014

And I watched yet another Oscar contending movie based on a true story, DALLAS BUYERS CLUB [2013]. Surely this will come to be the biggest trend of 2013 movies, the ones based on true stories getting so much attention. However, I do not think DALLAS deserves to be nominated for best picture. It is a very good movie, but does not stand out in any aspect. [Read more]

12 YEAR’S A SLAVE [2013] movie review

January 14, 2014

There are scenes in 12 YEARS A SLAVE [2013] of reflection with the only sound the background of nature that reminded me of a Terrance Malick style. It is not often a movie takes that time to breath and become organic. This cinematic portrayal of a true story was what I expected it to be, except I did not anticipate there being so much poetry to it, if you will. This is not meant to be a slight or imply a lack of serious subject matter, but to reflect in the manner the tone of the movie is told in. There is brutality, but I felt the movie was like watching a long form poem of a tragic tale, but one that has a life to it that cannot be muted no matter how little hope remains. [Read more]

HER [2013] movie review – highest recommendation

January 11, 2014

I felt things while watching HER [2013] that I never felt while watching a movie before because I never had those feelings, or better yet, sensations before. I almost feel chemically changed from it, like I just saw the future and watching the movie was deju vu and I already know the ending to life. If none of that makes sense that is the effect watching HER has had on me in the immediate minutes after finishing it. [Read more]

ABOUT TIME [2013] movie review – highest recommendation

January 2, 2014

ABOUT TIME [2013] is movie magic at its best.  It gets my highest recommendation.  It is a pure and as perfect as one can expect 123 minutes of cinema to be.  It hits right note after right note.  It is an incredibly gentle and tender movie.  It will restore your faith in things, at least for the night.

[Read more]