ENOUGH SAID [2013] movie review

January 25, 2014 · Print This Article

During the scene when Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ and James Gandolfini’s characters (Eva & Albert) were remarking how unattractive each other’s feet were, I was thinking, this is why you do not make romantic comedies about people in their 50s, or at least ones like this. ENOUGH SAID [2013] was my choice to watch tonight because I thought it would be a fun enjoyable movie, something to wash away the bad taste that INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS left last night, but ENOUGH SAID ended up leaving its own bad taste.

I was even totally taken by surprise about the big plot twist in the movie, which apparently is not a secret because in the one sentence summary on IMDB it is mentioned right there. Maybe I had heard it awhile ago, but either way I was totally surprised and it gave me a little jolt, but even with that the movie was not really any fun, at all.

Eva and Albert meet at a party and find themselves in very similar particular life situations, they both have a daughter about to leave for college. This gives them something to make brief small talk about, but from their exchange I would not have felt it was enough for him nor her to want to go on a date with the other. It seemed kind of awkward. Their first date was more of the same where I thought, how can they actually like each other? They did not seem to be getting along to me, the viewer, but apparently to them they were liking one another. On screen it just did not show.

She went to his house for their second date, and like Eva, when Albert (who is fat) answered the door in a horrid gray t-shirt that looked like a capsized boat, we were both taken aback and could not understand why he would be wearing such a shirt knowing she was coming over. That t-shirt basically sums of the movie, why would I want to see anyone in such a shirt and why would I want to watch this movie?

From one perspective ENOUGH SAID could be given a lot of credit for realistically portraying romance between average people in their 50s. However, the movie is just not that deep. The other major theme of a child leaving the nest is not given any real depth either. This is yet another movie without any real likable character, no character that when you see them in a scene you are glad. I take that back, Eva’s daughter’s friend Chloe was kind of interesting and their scenes together I thought were the best of the movie and the most telling.

Mostly though, this was a pretty dark movie with Eva making very poor decisions as a supposed mature adult, with many awkward scenes between all the couples in the movie. I never really felt comfortable watching it sensing the anger and vitriol that was apparent in almost every character. They were all very unhappy with their lives and I could not see how anyone could stand to be around them, never mind date or marry them.

ENOUGH SAID is not a feel good movie nor a light romantic comedy, there are few laughs and mostly grimace inducing scenes. I kept expecting things to get better, warmer, but they never did.


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