March 1, 2014

GODZILLA 2000 [1999] movie review

Upon realizing the release of the new Godzilla movie (which will be a worldwide release) is coming up in May, I resumed my Godzilla marathon entering the Millennium series of films, the first time for me to see these movies. Unfortunately, GODZILLA 2000 [1999] is a very slow start to the resumption of the Godzilla franchise. With Godzilla absent for nearly the entire middle two thirds of the movie, and with a generic UFO subplot, viewer interest understandably wavers through much of the movie, even for me.

GODZILLA 2000 starts fairly strongly with lots of close ups and tight shots of Godzilla passing by a lighthouse then rumbling ashore. We meet the main human characters, the usual single dad with spunky child (this time a daughter) and the of course attractive single woman that reluctantly goes along with them to advance her career. It’s amazing how many single parents study Godzilla! Neither played their roles very well.

Once a mysterious rock is raised from deep off the ocean floor a team of scientists and military leaders study it asking stupidly, “what is it?” far too many times. Naturally Godzilla is drawn to it and their is a skirmish between them with each striking a blow before going back to their corners. This is when the movie loses all momentum. Godzilla is off screen until the very end and we just see the scientists and single dad stare at the UFO and wonder why all computer data on Godzilla is being hacked by the UFO.

At last the classic Godzilla theme march score comes and the final battle begins. Since things were dead for nearly sixty minutes, my juices were not really flowing and not seeing the UFO do anything more than pretty much hover around, I did not feel much anger toward it as it was not proving to be a large threat other than data mining.

Exposition about the nature of the UFO is tacked on telling us it wants to colonize Earth and terraform it for its own kind after being dormant for 60 million years under the ocean because it needs sunlight to power itself and none makes its way down there. The most interesting Godzilla lore we learn is the discovery of cells called Regenerator G1. It seems Godzilla’s cells can regenerate from injury at a very rapid rate, making him nearly indestructible. This plays in the final battle as the UFO tries to make a clone of Godzilla, but it turns out to be very mutated. Godzilla bravely fights it nearly being swallowed hole! I am hoping the action picks up much more in the next installment.

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