GODZILLA VS MEGAGUIRUS [2000] movie review

March 8, 2014 · Print This Article

Continuing the Millennium Series Godzilla marathon this afternoon with GODZILLA VS. MEGAGUIRUS [2000], a somewhat mediocre installment in the franchise. The music was good, the acting by the human characters was better than usual, and there was a very good final monster battle, but as with GODZILLA 2000, Godzilla himself was off screen basically the entire movie until the final act.

Adding to Godzilla lore, it is realized that Japan cannot continue to use nuclear energy as it only attracts Godzilla. We learn about this through a series of flashbacks to old Godzilla attacks throughout history. Plasma energy was thought to be a breakthrough in 1996, but failed. So due to energy demands, Godzilla still needs to be destroyed so that nuclear energy can be used again. The way to get rid of Godzilla this time is not just some huge missile or something. The G-graspers come up with the idea of a small black hole. This at least sounds like a valid way of killing Godzilla, if the science behind how to do it and control it is totally glossed over. Some guy who makes tiny robots in Akihabara is called upon to build this weapon in just three months!

The Dimension Tide as they call it is successful, but causes a wrinkle in space time letting in a prehistoric dragonfly creature. For the first two thirds of the movie scientists and the gung-ho leader of the G-graspers work out these logistics. The leader is a woman who took over after her senior officer was killed in front of her by Godzilla. Naturally she is pretty and catches the eye of the tiny robot maker. They have banter throughout, as often happens with human characters in Godzilla movies.

Finally, after Shibuya is flooded and a failed attempt on a tiny island to blast the black hole at Godzilla fails, the big battle takes place. Godzilla comes ashore in Odaiba, at the edge of Tokyo bay east of Tokyo proper (a place I have ridden my bike to many times). This final battle is pretty intense. Megaguirus is well suited to fight Godzilla being a fast, flying insect creature that he cannot move fast enough to blast with his thermonuclear breath. He proceeds to get stabbed by Megaguirus’ stinger and his energy sapped repeatedly. There is a freeze frame moment where we are made to think Godzilla was killed, it made my breath stop short, but of course Godzilla cannot be taken out by some overgrown dragonfly! There is still, though, the matter of being shot by a black hole to contend with for Godzilla. He faces it head on and lights the blast up. We only see a huge crater, but at the end of the credits we hear the roar.

Now that the filler is seemingly out of the way, the final four movies in the Millennium series look to be what I have been waiting to see since I started revisiting Godzilla movies from the original several years ago (though I mistakenly watched one of these final four before I was focused on watching them in order a long time ago, thankfully, I am sure I will not remember much of it).


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