GUNFIGHTERS OF ABILENE [1960] movie review

March 30, 2014 · Print This Article

Not really a feature length movie at only 66 minutes, GUNFIGHTERS OF ABILENE [1960] was good enough that I wanted to make a proper movie review for it anyway. It did not feel short and told a full story in its limited screen time.

The movie opens with a long man getting jumped by three men on his way to the town of Abilene. The three men were recently robbed of all their money causing them to lose their ranch. The man they attacked is the brother of the man they believe did this. The brother, Kip, thinks it is absolutely not in his brother’s nature to pull such a large crime. The men want him to tell him where his brother is or leave town as Kip is a strong gunfighter. The local marshall breaks this up, but tells Kip the same thing, to leave town. Even the pretty woman working at the hotel desk tells Kip the same thing, leave town! This only makes him more determined to find out what happened to his brother.

The strong story and mystery behind what happened to his brother is the strength of ABILENE. The bad guy is the typical land hungry rancher named Hainline, who for years held rule by his own law over everything, and as times change, he does not. He is against Kip’s brother and the other smaller ranchers as he feels they are just leaching off of all the work he did the previous decades to establish the area. In the middle of this is Hainline’s daughter Alice who was in love with Kip’s brother.

As Kip tries to prove his brother’s innocence he only gets framed to look more guilty and if not for a surprise party coming to his rescue, Kip would never learn the truth of his brother nor prove who really stole the rancher’s money and why.

I found GUNFIGHTERS OF ABILENE to be a satisfying western with a good mystery and characters just interesting enough to make you want to know what happened. Though not a hidden gem, still a worthwhile watch for classic western fans.


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