NOWHERE IN AFRICA [2001] movie review – recommended

April 27, 2014

After spending time in a cypress wetlands along a river at midday, in the afternoon I was in the mood to see a movie set in Africa. Doing a little searching and getting frustrated as usual with Netflix streaming only having about 10% of titles I ever search for, I found NOWHERE IN AFRICA [2001] and was treated to a true hidden gem of a movie. [Read more]

THE OCTOBER MAN [1947] – movie review

April 19, 2014

Continuing my film noir marathon this evening with THE OCTOBER MAN [1947], a British movie in black & white featuring proper film noir atmosphere full of characters standing in shadows and being revealed behind clouds of steam. I like listening to the very formal and polite way of British people speaking to each other even when discussing unpleasant or even hostile topics. [Read more]

GODZILLA: FINAL WARS [2004] – movie review

April 5, 2014

What started in my childhood ended this afternoon as I watched the final Toho made Godzilla movie, GODZILLA: FINAL WARS [2004]. I am afraid to say this movie was an absolute abomination and I wish I would never have watched it. It is not just the worst Godzilla movie ever made, I think it is the worst movie of any kind I have ever seen. I could not be more disappointed. [Read more]