RIDE ALONG [2014] movie review

May 2, 2014 · Print This Article

The first 2014 movie release I watched happened to be RIDE ALONG [2014].  From Kevin Hart’s various TV appearances on Saturday Night Live and other places I decided to give him a chance in a movie role.  For sure, liking Kevin Hart’s manic style is necessary to enjoy watching RIDE ALONG as it is basically 99 minutes of him being manic alongside Ice Cube, albeit it in an enjoyable way.

There is only one mystery in the movie other than the mysterious Omar, it is how in the world Kevin Hart’s character, who is just a high school security guard, can afford a penthouse in Atlanta with his girlfriend.  Of all the other unbelievable things in the movie, only that bothered me!

We actually get a decent amount of character backstory learning that Ben (Hart) is a great video game player, but he does want to make something more of himself so that he can be worthy to marry his too hot for him girlfriend, who happens to be the sister of Ice Cube’s character (James).  So to earn James’ blessing, Ben agrees to go on a ride along, basically spending a day on patrol with James in his murdered out undercover Dodge Challenger.  Let the manic-ness commence!

Donned in only a police windbreaker, James sets Ben out to resolve several minor public disturbances, which he fails at spectacularly.  His small 5’2″ height is played on quite often in the movie as he gets called out about it by everyone he tries to police.  Through all this rumors of Omar persist and Ben actually helps James in finding a few clues about him.

This culminates in a big warehouse showdown.  How Ben helps out James was a very clever twist I thought.  For Friday night entertainment, if you like Kevin Hart’s style, RIDE ALONG is just entertaining enough.


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