VERONICA MARS [2014] movie review — recommended

May 17, 2014 · Print This Article

It was a very nice return to Neptune after many years away since the Veronica Mars tv show ended only to return as the movie VERONICA MARS [2014].  I was a big fan of the TV show and had been hearing rumors for a long time about a movie.  Thanks to Kickstarter and 91,000+ fans, there was enough enthusiasm (and money) to get creator Rob Thomas to write and make a movie that brought us back into the world some ten years later revisiting all the old characters and spinning a whole new murder mystery.

It should be said that if you were not a fan of the TV show and went into this movie cold, I can imagine it would seem like a much, much lesser experience.  However, for fans, it has to be a home run.  It was for me.  That said, the movie opens and Veronica has made it out of Neptune and all the way to New York where she is interviewing to work for a prestigious law firm.  However, right in the lobby of the law office breaking news comes over the TV of a murder back in Neptune.  Veronica has been out for nine years, but she is going right back in, big time.

Old boyfriend Logan is the prime suspect and calls Veronica for help.  This is no easy decision for her as she will be risking everything she has worked for all these years, her new stable boyfriend, power lawyer job, being in New York and not Neptune, etc.  No one reminds her of this more than her dad.  Does Veronica really look right in a suit and in the big city though?

Mac & Wallace are happy to see their friend, and want her to join them for their ten year high school reunion while she is in town.  Such things are immediately put on the back burner as Veronica acknowledges her addiction for solving mysteries even at the cost of everything in New York.

Besides getting to spend time with all the old favorite characters, which would have made the movie enjoyable on its own, the story and murder mystery are actually very exciting and compelling.  There is a real sense of danger and there is real loss.

VERONICA MARS is very satisfying and pulls off the extremely difficult task of going back and trying to recapture the old magic.  It does and gives long time fans perhaps hope there may be even more to come.


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