GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY [2014] movie review

August 2, 2014 · Print This Article

It might be easy to think of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY as a really good movie, or at least certainly a very entertaining one. To think so would only consider its contemporary competition. Standards are so low for movies now, simply not sucking, I feel, is often confused for being an actually good and recommendable movie. GOTG is yet another massive CGI sci-fi comic book movie. Yes, the characters have some witty lines and how they come together is rather interesting, but there is no exceptional story, no exceptional acting, and certainly no exceptional action sequences. The movie simply has some witty dialogue here and there and a bit of chemistry between the cast.

I did not know anything about the GOTG before going into the theater. This was good as I found it very surprising that the guardians were not heroes assembled by some higher power to go out and defend the galaxy. They all actually start out as enemies to each other and are captured and imprisoned together where they reluctantly join forces in pursuit of first, escaping, and then retrieving a powerful orb.

We learn that this orb in the wrong hands is strong enough to destroy an entire planet, yet the opening of the movie is just some guy waltzing into an unprotected cave and taking it. Such things just cannot be asked. How the movie dumps exposition about the complex relationship between several planets and why they are enemies does not help the viewer to understand what is going on. Eventually, the Guardians just are entertaining enough with their witty dialogue and seeing how powerful the orb can be, the viewer can just go with the flow.

The movie totally sets up a sequel, as a lot of hinted at story lines come to light at the end.


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