THE FAULT IN OUR STARS [2014] movie review

October 18, 2014 · Print This Article

I guess I really knew nothing about THE FAULT IN OUR STARS [2014] other than it was a young romance coming of age type movie.  I did not even know that both main characters had cancer.  This added to my experience watching the movie discovering everything from nothing.

Some time ago I heard or read that when someone loves someone, the way they say their name is different than how anyone else says it.  From my own experience, I believe that to be true, and thought about it often during STARS as the way Augustus would say the name Hazel Grace was different in many ways than how any other character said it, and the way the actor himself said it, makes me think he really did love the actress playing Hazel Grace.  They each would say things in a whisper to each other very effectively portraying their feelings in an authentic way.

I thought I knew how the movie would end and how it would go after about 20 minutes.  I even guessed what the last word of the movie would be.  I was correct on that point, but the movie turned out to be far less predictable.  I watched an extended cut, but I think even without the few extra scenes (girl in the airport, extra ambulance worker shots) the ending took a long time in coming once the dramatic high point of the movie was reached.  I was hoping and looking for an abrupt ending, but it was a very slow one with perhaps too many scenes which kept the movie from being better overall.

The one thing I will keep in mind from this movie, is the idea of bigger infinities.  There are some infinities that are bigger than others.  You have got to dig the one you get to have.


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