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Splitting the final Hunger Games book into two movies was a mistake.  THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 was left being a very scene repetitive, claustrophobic half-movie at best.  Katniss was the exciting center of the first two movies, in MOCKINGJAY she is just reacting to bad things such that it seems she is just crying all the time and that is not enough to base a movie around.

I did not like the casting of Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin of District 13 because the character is so paper thin and introduced with no fanfare, it’s not like watching a character in a movie, it’s like watching Julianne Moore give supposedly rousing speech after speech on the deep underground barracks of District 13.  She is a very, very bland character.

The same can be said for the color palette and the scenery in MOCKINGJAY.  Most of the movie takes place in the gray, drab underground of District 13.  There is no contrast with the colorful Capitol nor any really other outdoor settings.

There is almost no action in the movie either.  I was looking forward to the hospital scene where Katniss first really embraces being the Mockingjay, but that is it, and that was not much in and of itself.  Before and after this it is just see Katniss cry, see Coin give a speech, see President Snow give a threatening order, then repeat, repeat, repeat.

The only interest came from the limited time Haymitch and Effie were on screen.

Splitting the book into two movies was a really poor decision.  Part 1 easily could have been all condensed into a tight 45 minutes.  We already knew the Capital was cracking down on all the districts, and we knew already that District 13 wanted to unite everyone to rebel against the Capital just from the final 5 minutes of CATCHING FIRE.  So to make another entire movie about that seems like a waste.  The only storyline that got moved along, the Peeta storyline, could have easily of been handled in 45 minutes or less leaving plenty of time for a big climax.  Too bad Part 2 does not come out for another year still.


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