INTERSTELLAR [2014] movie review — highest recommendation

January 24, 2015 · Print This Article

The first masterpiece movie of 2014 I have seen, INTERSTELLAR [2014], truly mind-blowing without any exaggeration. My mind has been resonating in a different plane from the start of the movie and come the end, it was just blown and now as I sit here at my desk on a late Saturday night, in my own darkest times, I feel that beyond all fathomable belief, a way to salvation is possible. That is a powerful feeling for a movie to evoke. That is how a movie gets called a masterpiece.

Writer-Director Christopher Nolan has done it before with INCEPTION, with MEMENTO, and now he has one would have to think hit his apex of film making ability with INTERSTELLAR. Five years later I still think of Inception on a near weekly basis, it comes into my head because dreams dominate my life. How he can make a movie better than INTERSTELLAR I cannot imagine, but maybe he can and well, I do not even know what to say.

Just one more quick note about what a true farce the Oscar nominations are this year….how INTERSTELLAR is not the runaway favorite for Best Picture is beyond comprehension. Matthew McConaughey gives a far, far better performance in this than he did in DALLAS BUYER’S CLUB, yet not even a Best Actor nomination this year. What a powerful performance. His gravity was as strong as the goliath black hole that took 7 years for every hour of their lives.

The score was tremendous, another full character, at least Hans Zimmer is nominated for an Oscar. The combination of the deep story, stunning visuals and driving score combined for an extraordinarily emotional movie watching experience. I really, really wish I could have seen it in an IMAX theater, an empty one, just myself to take it all in without interruption.

The story and the world created by it are revealed in master story telling fashion. There is no exposition dump in INTERSTELLAR, how could it be a masterpiece if there was? For that matter, there are no gimmick one liners or emotional outburst speeches. Very bad things have happened to the planet Earth. The viewer is told just enough to be involved and riveted to know more. I knew very little about the movie, except that it was a space movie, but that is not exactly accurate. That was a positive expecting that and being surprised at how much the beginning of the movie spends on Earth.

Then once things do start in space, the mission, the purpose, the nature of truth, 90% truth, 75% humor, all these things, what a script. The way robots are imagined in this movie, like nothing else ever seen on screen, true originality, and part of the mind-blowing effect. The best use of robots by far in a movie of this kind.

All that happens in the last act is enough for its own entire movie. The details we learn of the true nature of the mission begin massive mind-blowing. Well, it started before then actually when we learn the ethical decisions that will have to be made about where to put resources, in particular, time. There is no gimmick of leaky oxygen supplies, or a ship breaking down, this is a masterpiece movie. In INTERSTELLAR time itself is the most precious resource that some, due to relativity, have a near infinite amount of, while others have almost none left. Fascinating. Even for the people on the space mission, three are only gone for a few hours, but they left one crew member alone in what to him was 23 years. That is the stuff movies are made of, putting things like that on screen, blowing the viewer’s mind. Making them have to contemplate that as a reality.

This is not a sterile nor overly dingy view of space either. The spaceship interiors looked very real, very legit, very practical and plausible. The version of suspended sleep shown in INTERSTELLAR using a chamber like we have seen in other movies, but the use of a rubber cover and submersion in water, had a horrific effect on me, imagining myself drowning into year long sleep. Just another very tangible feeling INTERSTELLAR got out of me.

Then the ending…….I cannot say anything about it, other than it is the true apex of mind-blowing.

INTERSTELLAR is the best movie of 2014, I can confidently say that even without seeing a few other 2014 movies still, I can say that because INTERSTELLAR is one of the best movies of all time.


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