Poem from a Dream series

April 18, 2008

Dream Photo

  • written where: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
  • where exactly: my desk in my apartment
  • written with: pen & notebook
  • when: January 17, 2008

Dreams from the Night,

Fly into my Day.

It was bullets first,

Then alligators,

Forests last, over the fly.

Gauge was there, lightly.

And then . . . .

Ginny in my dream before Deathly Hallows!

July 20, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coverSo…this is how my night and day before Deathly Hallows has gone so far….had a dream about Ginny Weasley! We were in a restaurant together holding hands and laughing and all was wonderful with the world. Then I went away from the table for a moment and she left with someone else! I felt devastated, but went out and presumably resumed my search for Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes. I heard that a second phoenix hadn’t made it into the country yet.

Then all this afternoon giving my apartment its traditional Friday cleaning I was whipping my hand out clutching an imaginary wand yelling (out loud) “Crucio!”

…Then while eating lunch with a friend, we realized we need to do something to help Harry. … I don’t know what we could do since we can’t do magic, but at least we could take an AK for him.

…The whole book is a total unknown to me, anything could happen.

…This is how I will read Deathly Hallows. I have completely cleared my schedule from Saturday through Tuesday. … Today I stocked up on enough food to last me a week. After I publish this, I will disconnect both my computers from the Internet, turn off my cell phone, and disconnect my land line phone. I will not watch any TV shows or movies or anything over these four days as I don’t want to hear about any other kinds of stories, don’t want emotions from other things interfering with the emotions I will feel from Deathly Hallows.

At the end of every e-mail I’ve sent the past few days I have written, “For Harry! … because that’s what’s constantly been going through my mind. … I feel that my own fate is intertwined with Harry’s.

DREAM: “…well, too bad because you’re TOO LATE!”

February 23, 2007

So I walked out into the warm Florida sunshine, I noticed the clothes I was wearing, shorts, button-up chill shirt, unknown summer type shoes, I thought I never dress like this anymore, but it felt comfortable. … I handed her my memo saying to come to this place, and I believe without talking she handed me another slip that looked exactly the same, just with a different location on it.

Now I can’t remember for sure if there was another place I went to next before the final destination. But I think from the desk of the semi-pretty blonde girl, I went directly to the final spot I needed to, or maybe before going to the semi-pretty blonde there was another stop.

So I consult a map on a wall, and realize I have to take a small bridge to the next building to get where I need to. … As I entered the next building, I entered a wide room filled with two pianos, one normal looking and the other like double-wide. … I didn’t see all around the room, just the immediate area around me, although to my left I did notice a big desk and perhaps another door behind it leading to who knows where.

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DREAM: I knew I'd be skimboarding

May 1, 2006

Woke up this morning having dreamt of no fewer than 4 people I know in the RW en route to skimboarding. I guess knowing I’d be going skimboarding the next day for the first time this year got my subconscious going. One dream involved two male friends from Japan and I having to show two forms of picture ID to get into New Smyrna Beach on the east coast of Florida! In another part of the dream, I ran into Yuki and she walked part of the way to the beach with me, although seemingly we were in Shinagawa while she goes to school in Kanagawa and the beach is actually in Yokohama!

DREAM: more wolves and writing with George Lucas!

April 25, 2006

I delayed too long in writing about this dream, so now many details have faded, but I know I fought wolves in this dream again, and they were soft and weak, like balls of fluff. Yet they felt dangerous to me, even though I easily defeated them this time.

The most interesting dream was of me and George Lucas. At some function, I ended up with an unknown known friend sitting at a table with George Lucas. Now I think I remember it was the Episode II premiere. But, at the table we sat down at, I mentioned rewriting one scene from what I remember as Episode III. Lucas took out pencil and paper and we went over the dialogue and even the storyboard for the scene. He was very friendly and into working together. The really strange part is that it involved Luke crying out Leia’s name. I saw the scene in my dream as Lucas and I wrote it.

Maybe this dream occurred because the first anniversary of May 19, 2005 is rapidly approaching.

DREAM: Dinosaur Outer-Space Invasion!

April 7, 2006

I just awoke from a very intense, continued dream about a dinosaur invasion of earth. … The dream continued in three separate sleeping periods, meaning I was dreaming about them, woke up, went to the bathroom, went back to sleep, then dreamt about them again. … One place I later escaped too (beachfront house) was from an earlier dream not involving the dinosaurs at all!

…At this time a group of mini-Pachycephalosaurus(es) started to attack through the windows of a second floor room. … These mini-Pachys had much longer teeth than in reality and were about maybe 2 to 3 feet long. They’d stick their head into the window and I’d stab them through the roof of their mouths since their heads are too boney to penetrate.

…Again, many people are going about their regular lives even though dinosaurs are attacking! I even had to tell one fool to keep the window on the train closed because their were F-ing dinosaurs trying to kill us.

…and exited the train station apparently with Canadian Mike who said the beachhouse was just a minute away. … I was looking for the best, most rigid knives they had, one with about a 4″ blade, and the other with a wider blade, like a Chef’s knife. Can you believe some of the staff were very reluctant to give me their best knives! … They finally acquiescenced and as I left the kitchen I turned and said, “I’ll return the knives…with dinosaur blood on them.”

…A huge bi-pedal dinosaur dropped in out of nowhere, much larger than the others I had previously fought. This dinosaur was engaged with a couple of people about 20 feet away from me.

…Apparently they travel around the galaxy feeding, but that they felt bad about causing so much damage this time, so they wanted to make a peace pact and live in their own area on earth. … I returned the knives to the kitchen, with no dinosaur blood on them.

The last thing I saw was a news report on TV saying that the Human Dinosaur Relation Committee had voted against the dinosaurs and the territory they had been living in would be reduced.

DREAM: I was LOST in "Bubbletown"

March 13, 2006

Sleeping time: 7 hours 39 minutes (woken by crows, and a telemarketer)

…Sawyer and I and another person were taking a college class and we were trying to understand the logic of the ethical question to be discussed in class. I read his notes of what I had said (it is said to be impossible to read in dreams, but I have done it several times). … I was in a Florida suburban style house, and then took a walk down the street. … There were large red birds in a man’s yard. … There were also about 6 dead white flamingo looking birds. Then the owner of the house, a Japanese man in his late 40’s, came over and spoke in Japanese and a little English. I asked him in Japanese if it was ok (daijobu desu?) for me to look at his birds. He said it was. I think I asked him it it was bird flu. He spoke in distant English that I couldn’t really make out clearly.

Then I met two dogs, who were actually human children. At this point I realized I was on LOST. So it was a shock to me that there were other people and a city on the island! The children said they called the buildings “bubble town” since the buildings had strange circular shapes, but still looked like a typical Tokyo cityscape.

I made my way back to the suburban house marveling at all that existed on the island, that somehow we hadn’t discovered yet.

DREAM: Tony Blair came over for dinner

February 24, 2006

Bedtime: 2:04am

Wake-up time: 10:57am

Sleeping time: 8 hours 53 minutes

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was coming over to my family’s house for dinner. In my dream our house was connected to our small electronics business. Just before Tony was set to arrive, a young girl was sexually assaulted in the store! It wasn’t a violent assault, but still, I was thinking, how can Tony still come over? But he did. Other details have already faded.

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