DREAM: T-Rex attacks and skimboarding

February 12, 2006

I had no skimboard when I arrived at the beach. … Then some how I obtained a skimboard and was skimming pretty well and garnering applause. … I had no sensation of getting wet at all as well. The beach felt like Chigasaki in Japan, but most people seemed to be American on the beach. Some of the youths trying to skimboard might have been Japanese.

My second major dream was also exciting, only because it was life-and-death. A T-Rex was hunting a group of us in a suburban neighborhood. … Actually, I’m not sure where the other 4 or so people (some made up of ultimate players from Futako-Tamagawa) were most of the time. They seemingly were trying to escape by getting in a van in the front yard. I made frequent ventures from the back of the house to the front, and even outside playing cat-and-mouse with the T-Rex. I calculated where I could go based on the physical size of the T-Rex; I knew he couldn’t follow me to this one area because of a kind of pedestrian bridge attached to the house. In this manner I tried to bait it to go into either the front or the back of the house so the others could escape. I just remembered that Locke from LOST was one of the people there because the T-Rex ultimately met a strange fate. There were large stones around a pond in the back yard and it picked one up in its mouth and bit into it hard. … I felt we should all get in the van and go right then, but Lock suggested we kill the T-Rex off for sure, and he said it with malice. I felt no malice toward the T-Rex, only some fear as I ran back into safety each time I dared to challenge it outside. I woke up not knowing if we all left or what ultimately was the T-Rex’s fate.

DREAM: Wolves attacked!

January 13, 2006

I was greatly disturbed by a dream I had last night involving wolves attacking a house I was staying in, which somewhat resembled Terry’s house. Yuki and I just made it inside the front door. As I closed and locked it, a wolf crashed into the door. Looking out the window, another wolf hurled itself right into the glass, bloodily smashing into it. I closed the blinds, and they ceased attacking.

I opened the blinds to the sliding glass door at the back of the house, and the wolves began their attack, and ceased again upon closing the curtains. I was very confident the glass was impenetrable, so I had no fear of them breaking in, but when I woke up from the dream, I had strong feelings of dread and ill contentment that we’d have to remain in the house forever, although I did have the idea in the dream to call 9-1-1 if we wanted to leave the house.

Earlier in the week I had a driving dream. Often when I dream about driving, the car I am driving has extremely poor brakes. This was the case this time as well. I couldn’t stop the car in time to avoid hitting the car in front of me stopped at a red light, so I had to swerve to the left to avoid it. I push very hard on the brake pedal, but nothing happens. It’s a very ill feeling.

Other times, I start off with the regular driver’s seat perspective of driving, but eventually I can only see the car from about 50m behind at the same street level. So it feels like I have to blindly drive the car by remote control as it goes out of site around corners for a time.

DREAM: Protecting poor kids with Wolverine

December 17, 2005

The dream began with me as an assistant-teacher for a bunch of elementary to middle school aged kids, of apparent poor backgrounds. … So for some reason I started throwing water balloons at the kids faces! However, none of them exploded, just bounced, like in the picture. Their regular teacher was very strict and they were afraid of her/him.

Then I was dreaming I was a robot like in the CGI movie, “Robots.” I started out as a klunker, but upgraded to a high-tech one so I could “blend-in.”

Then I was back to human and in some huge mall, really huge. The kids were in danger from their abusive teacher and I had to get them across to a safe room. Luckily, I had some help from . . .

…He especially didn’t like the students’ teacher and I think even wanted to kill him/her. Other X-Men showed up to help too. All of them were in street clothes though, not their costumes. Storm froze the floor and then someone else blew the kids to the other side with some strong breath. I had to go back with some of the older kids to get a forgotten book or something!

…Earlier I had dreamed of playing basketball outside.

…A damn crow woke me up a couple times this morning, prompting me to wish I had a Chinese star to throw at it with violent intent. They used to be a much bigger problem at my former 3rd floor apartment, but here up on the 11th floor they aren’t often a problem.

DREAM: Old high school friends (again)

December 16, 2005

Hours slept: 7.5 hours (3am to 10:30am)

Had dreams about my old high school friends again last night. I often do. There were 5 of us. We called ourselves “the Posse.” In my dream last night I saw everyone (Rick, Terry, Steve, Ferrer) even though those latter 2 bastards have dropped out of communication a long time ago. Obviously my subconscious is greatly affected by this since I see them in dreams quite regularly, at least twice a month.

Last night’s dream had us getting ready to go somewhere by car. I remembered looking out of Steve’s apartment’s window down at my own car, which was a kind of SUV I think, and realizing what a terrible parking job I did, the ass end of the car was sticking into the other lane, but this was only apparent from a certain viewing angle, which in real life wouldn’t exist. Some fool was trying to park their car in a spot next to mine, and I remarked to someone, “I always just park in the easiest space, even if it’s not the closest,” then realized the fool was having difficulty because of my poor parking job.

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