Hyogo Hipster Cafe Poem Series….part 3

November 2, 2006

written where: Tajima, Hyogo, Japan

where exactly: chill, hipster cafe

written with: pen & notebook

when: Saturday July 01, 2006 — 9:55pm-ish


Boom, Boom the sound of this room.

I came her from a natural tomb.

Bush and light cross reflections

over the low rise intersections.

Blue is glass and pink is juice

built on hill like a peregrine’s roost.

Bought were paint by obasans

gone are customer’s expectations.

Barrels house pickles of dill

all is reflected upon the




Hyogo Hipster Cafe Poem Series….part 2

November 2, 2006

written where: Tajima, Hyogo, Japan

where exactly: chill, hipster cafe

written with: pen & notebook

when: Saturday July 01, 2006 — 9:45pm-ish


I feel thoughts falling

From my eyes.

I am always alone,

Save for when I am with

The Sea.

The only constant in this world

The Sea.

It speaks to me of solace

The Sea.

It saves me from dying

The Sea.

Hyogo Hipster Cafe Poem Series….part 1

November 2, 2006

written where: Tajima, Hyogo, Japan

where exactly: chill, hipster cafe

written with: pen & notebook

when: Saturday July 01, 2006 — 9:30pm-ish


We are like houses so close together,

They share the same reflection in the water.

You are my hope, so fragile,

I can’t even reach for it.

I still may not be saved,

And you even say you can’t do only what I need you to do.

But I forgive you, because,

Once you smiled at me,

Once I made you girlishly laugh,

Once I touched your long hair,

Once you said don’t die,

Once you said you couldn’t save me . . . .

"Clasped Couples"

November 1, 2006

clasped couples poem

  • written where: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
  • where exactly: the bridge over the train tracks between the Southern Terrace and Tokyu Hands
  • written with: pen & notebook
  • when: Tuesday October 31, 2006 — 10pm


Couples clasped together,

They are my enemies . . . .

Train goes under . . . .

Chimney walks by . . . .

They are my enemies.

A long forest is crowded,

But it is that clasped couple,

That is my enemy . . . .

Guardians of a secret, but seen pleasure world,

That I cannot enter.

Those bastards . . . .

Their smooth edges make mine rougher . . . .

My round edges chafe when I look upon them . . . .

Their walls show my Freedom.

A freedom to let flow my anger unabated,

Till it courses in unison with my blood metastasizing through me.

Truth comes only when you don’t hold back . . . .

How can it come while holding the hand of the fairer?

There’s only room for one out the out door . . . .

Can't get in bed, or can't jack-out?

April 4, 2006

Got this chronic problem of not being able to go to bed. I could easily stay up until 3am+ every night. This is bad since I require at least 7 hours of sleep to be remotely functional the next day, and prefer 8+ hours. It’s easy to keep the machine running, but hard to start it back up once it’s been turned off.

There are too many steps in the process required to get my carcass into bed. And I don’t want to do all that work when I’m already so tired. Floss, brush the teeth, wash the face, and more. Just too much. Scientists should give up on extending lifespans and focus on improving the quality of the lifetimes we have now. All this pre-bed work needs to become automated, but NOT by robots.

I rolled my ankle yesterday. Not seriously, but annoying, and putting a “sports patch” on it now is yet another pre-bedtime task.

now that was a LOST episode

February 9, 2006

The Official LOST podcast is a great barometer for what to expect from the next episode of LOST. Two weeks ago they said to not expect much, and the ep was possibly one of the worst ever. Tonight they said expect big things from 2×13 THE LONG CON, and I’d put this episode at least in the top 5, rivaling even 1×04 WALKABOUT as the best ever. … Everything was made to look like Jack and Locke are the major players up to this point. Both of them were rendered powerless by a masterstroke of Sawyer’s diabolical mind.

Not that I haven’t already thought of one flaw and one strange plot point. … At the end of the episode, why did Sawyer bother going out into the black car and counting then going back into the house. … I mean, after she left why not just take the money then and drive off? It seems like the writers of the show purely did it as a plot device to make use care that Sawyer might soon have a gun in his face.

…The other thing is, Sawyer is going to have to sleep sometime. Will it not be easy just to overpower him then? I thought maybe if Anna Lucia had been in on it they could sleep in shifts. But with Charlie being his one-time partner (again doing a helluva Anakin Episode III in hood impression), how can he keep everyone else at bay?

I’m really shocked he is a truly bad person too. But as both his flashback story line and the words out of his own mouth on the island state, he is just a bad person.

…Another nod to fan theories via Hurley saying, “…or another time,” as it is widely thought that they may have gone back in time after the crash.

…Still can’t believe Sawyer would give up his chance with Kate, even though Kate still seemed to be sympathetic toward him at episode’s end.

24 5×05 Hour: 11am to 12pm

January 24, 2006

Is there no limit to how much ass Jack can kick? Is there no limit to how many times I say “fuck yeah” at my computer screen while watching an episode? Today was a SUPER stress day, and watching 24 was the perfect stress relief after hours and hours of nonsense today. It felt so good to go along with Jack on his latest ass kicking & bad ass exploits. Although we did see a good dose of “sensitive Jack” tonight as he returned to CTU headquarters for the first time since his “death.” Audrey was really shaken by Jack’s return and you could tell she wanted to have some personal time with him. But of course Jack had not time for that.

…It was obvious since Spencer’s first time on screen that something was up with him. At least the writers put that little twist on things to make him think he was working for IA and the President directly, a la ALIAS. When he was being interrogated by Buchanon and Chloe I was just thinking, “umm, why the F isn’t Jack doing the interrogating?”

…I thought Jack might not be able to best that repair/doctor/hitman and would only come out on top once security burst through the door and shot him. … With the scissors just in a little, Jack had him beat and secure. There was no need to push them in all the way and kill him thereby losing any chance of getting information out of him. At least it freed him to focus on Spencer. No doubt that pussy caved within about 35 seconds of Jack entering the room by my unofficial count.

Then I loved once the key person was revealed (the chief of staff dude) and Samwise/Rudy kept saying, “well we can’t just do that,” to each of those missives Jack was like, “I can,” “I’m NOT CTU,” “I’ll go get him myself.” It goes without saying each of those missive dismissives garnered it’s own increasingly loud “fuck yeah” from me.

24 Season 5 premiere, can you say DOMINATION???!

January 16, 2006

Just finished watching the first 2 hours of the new 5th season of 24. It INSTANTLY re-established itself as the most DOMINANT ASS-KICKING show on TV. … In the opening act 2 MAJOR characters are killed off, another critically wounded (for the nth time!). This opening hour reminded me of the very first hour ever of 24 with its level of drawing you into the story, the escalating tension, and just being pure, riveting television. I said “holy fuck” more times in the first hour than I have in the past year. I said “fuck yeah” more times in the first hour than I have in the past year. First came the “holy fuck’s,” and then once Jack turned off the “Frank” switch and opened up that air vent in his dive apartment, I let out a torrent of “fuck yeah’s.” … Grabbing a pre-prepared army green bag of weapons, “fuck yeah.” Affixing the patented Jack Bauer scowl onto his face, “fuck yeah!” … I was like, “alright Jack, let’s start dominating these punk bitches.”

But, Jack doesn’t just show his badass side. … He took Palmer’s assassination hard, both when he saw it on TV, and when he actually laid eyes on his body. He also had a good scene where he talked about almost thinking he had a second shot at having a family.

…I always liked Chloe, and if I didn’t already love her last season after wielding that massive rifle, I most certainly do now. She kicked more ass, showed ass, and delivered patented humor by answering a very serious phone call with a casual “hi” of course resulting in a loud “ha” from me.

…So far all new female characters seemed to be required to show cleavage, regardless of age.

…So after the 2nd hour we are left with Jack in a very Die Hard-esque situation, that’s what it feels like to me.

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