GODZILLA [2014] movie review

May 17, 2014

What an absolute abomination, I just have to say that right away.  That is what this new American version GODZILLA [2014] movie is.  It is not just the worst Godzilla movie I have ever seen, it is possibly the worst ever movie of all time I have seen.  This so-called Godzilla movie is a fail on every single level from the perspective of being an actual Godzilla movie, and not even taking into consideration any past depiction of Godzilla in a movie, this itself as a movie is also a fail on every single level.  Toho please do not let anyone ever make another Godzilla movie! [Read more]

I HEART HUCKABEES [2004] movie review

May 19, 2013

I HEART HUCKABEES [2004] was one of only about four movies I have ever thought about stopping watching within the first few minutes of it. Really from the opening words of this foolish movie I almost switched it off! I stuck with it, not really saying I watched it properly as I let myself be distracted by other things. The first act is brutal to get through. The end is a tiny bit funny. Unless you are in the mood for absolute absurdity, this movie should be avoided. [Read more]

AMOUR [2012] movie review

February 14, 2013

I almost never include spoilers in my movie reviews, but this time for the French movie AMOUR [2012] that was beyond my fathomability nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, I have to. I have to because I have to stress why you should absolutely not waste your time watching this abomination of a movie. [Read more]

GOD BLESS AMERICA [2011] movie review

November 30, 2012

I found it hard to allow myself to like GOD BLESS AMERICA for the same reasons the movies points out why so much of today’s society should not like shameless pop entertainment, as the movie seemed to be just more of it rather than a truly biting satire of it.

First, it is an extremely poor choice in title. Second, the gore in the movie is totally unnecessary and just no reason for it at all. The premise sounded interesting, but I was afraid it would be too easy to mine, and it was: a middle aged man is fet up with how trashy and shameless society has become and once he is diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor he cracks and simply just shoots anyone who has no common decency. He starts by shooting an ultra-spoiled 16-year old high school girl who is the star of her own reality show. Done in a darkly satirical way this could make a statement of some sorts, but how it was on screen was kind of vulgarly murderous.

One of the girl’s classmates witnesses this and insists on tagging along with him as they soon plan to kill more people. A better movie would never have brought up the possible romantic situation between the middle aged man and teen girl companion so explicitly and suddenly. It was another awkward scene. I felt bad for Tara Lynne Barr having to act that scene.

There are a few plot twists of a sorts and the movie periodically tries to evoke emotion and sympathy in the viewer, but when the movie itself is as crass as the things it is raging against, it all ends up feeling like something I probably should not have watched, as it taught me nothing new and I already have a perfect record of never watching any of the trash TV of the past decade, nor having personal conversations in public on a cell phone, etc., etc.

IMMORTALS [2011] movie review

January 20, 2012

Not until about thirty seconds into the credits does the viewer realize the they just wasted nearly two hours of their life watching IMMORTALS. There is so much stylized fighting and high contrast scenery that one is fooled into thinking they are in fact watching a movie worth watching. Eventually, you realize that the story is incredibly generic, the screenplay could have been written in an hour and no character evokes any emotion. [Read more]

I SAW THE DEVIL [2010] movie review

January 11, 2012

I took a risk watching I SAW THE DEVIL and although I do not entirely regret it, there really is no reason to see a movie like this.  Right from the opening scenes I thought, “I am going to turn this off.”  Why would I think that?  Because I have no need to see people graphically tortured on screen, and I have no stomach for gore of any kind, never mind this kind.  Not that I would know, but this is not like one of those torture based movies that are the new kind of popular horror now.  It is still mostly a hardcore thriller, just the violence the characters do to each other strays into torture with gore.

[Read more]

FORT APACHE [1948] movie review

December 31, 2011

I chose to watch FORT APACHE next in my ongoing classic western marathon on the advice of a trusted movie buff friend who said he liked this movie even better than THE MAN WHO KILLED LIBERTY VALANCE. I thought the latter was one of the best westerns I had ever seen, and the former not just one of the worst westerns, one of the worst movies of any genre I have ever seen.

[Read more]

MONSTERS [2010] review

March 6, 2011

I wish I could now be recommending to you a great very low budget, sci-fi thriller, but I cannot do that for MONSTERS.  I thought Netflix might have really discovered a hidden gem of a movie for me, something like a much lower budget but nonetheless interesting DISTRICT 9.  Starting with the title being very lazily and inappropriately applied, such criticisms can trickle down all the way to the screenplay, characters and pacing.

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