FLIPPED [2010] movie review – recommended

March 14, 2014

Only by absolute random looking through a list of movies did FLIPPED [2010] come on to my radar this week.  I had never heard of it at all before.  Directed by Rob Reiner I will be recommending this movie so it gets the attention it deserves.  For those looking for a pure film, one free of malice and one with clever story telling, this coming of age story about young romance set in the early 1960s will amuse and entertain you. [Read more]

THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN [2013] movie review – recommended

January 24, 2014

Thanks to being nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, I heard about THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN [2013]. It was released in 2013 in the U.S. and will very likely end up on my list of top ten movies of the year. It is a Belgian movie with very strong and raw performances. Raw is the word to best describe every minute of this movie. [Read more]

HER [2013] movie review – highest recommendation

January 11, 2014

I felt things while watching HER [2013] that I never felt while watching a movie before because I never had those feelings, or better yet, sensations before. I almost feel chemically changed from it, like I just saw the future and watching the movie was deju vu and I already know the ending to life. If none of that makes sense that is the effect watching HER has had on me in the immediate minutes after finishing it. [Read more]

ABOUT TIME [2013] movie review – highest recommendation

January 2, 2014

ABOUT TIME [2013] is movie magic at its best.  It gets my highest recommendation.  It is a pure and as perfect as one can expect 123 minutes of cinema to be.  It hits right note after right note.  It is an incredibly gentle and tender movie.  It will restore your faith in things, at least for the night.

[Read more]

FRUITVALE STATION [2013] movie review – recommended

December 22, 2013

I am not good at becoming aware of emotional manipulation in movies.  I let the director tell the story and if she/he wants me to feel sad, happy, excited, I do not question it, just feel it, if they have the skill to make me feel anything.  I was not in the U.S. at the time of the real life events at Fruitvale Station, so I was unfamiliar with it.  FRUITVALE STATION [2013], the movie, was prefaced with a based on a true story tagline, but for me I had no idea what happened so I did not know the ending.  I should have known the ending could not be good, because if had all turned out well, then a movie probably would not have been made about the story. [Read more]

RUBY IN PARADISE [1993] movie review – recommended

December 7, 2013

As an avid movie watcher of many genres, I am always on the lookout for hidden gems and often decide to watch a movie the same day just because I heard some random recommendation of it. Such was the case today with RUBY IN PARADISE [1993], which I had never heard of before until it was mentioned in passing in a Dear Abbey type advice column in the newspaper. I saw that it starred a young Ashley Judd and the source of the recommendation intrigued me, so I tracked the movie down and indeed was very pleased to discover this gentle, hidden gem of a movie. [Read more]

PRISONERS [2013] movie review – recommended

December 6, 2013

It is not possible to review PRISONERS [2013] in any detail other than to mention the basic premise of the story and then say the first half of the movie is a slow burn where you doubt if the movie is any good and going to be any good. Then the second half of the movie accelerates the unfolding of the story until the final credits come and the viewer is left with no doubt that this was a hauntingly, special thriller. [Read more]


November 23, 2013

I knew my experience viewing THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE [2013] could not compare to the incredible one I had watching THE HUNGER GAMES [2012] where I decided to see the movie at the last minute, had only a vague idea of the storyline, had no idea it was a three book story, and no one was seated anyone near me.  It was my movie of the year for 2012 by far.  In contrast, for CATCHING FIRE I already knew the entire story having read all three books after seeing the first movie, and with the director change and hearing the production was rushed, I was just hoping to like CATCHING FIRE.  My expectations were exceeded by far.  Of course CATCHING FIRE did not have the impact the original did, but it was very exciting and well done and drew me again into the world of The Hunger Games. [Read more]

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