Arakawa Cyclo-Camping Tour 2

July 1, 2008

UK Mike with Kumi on back with the Can

  • Distance: 105.34 miles
  • Time in motion: 9 hours 07 minutes 25 seconds (including 1 hour of walking)
  • Average speed: 11.5 mph
  • Max speed: 33.0 mph
  • My second tour up the Arakawa River was . . . very different than my first tour, and also much, much wetter!  What was similar was that UK Mike came with me again, but this time also the Can rolled with us.  And beyond any of our imaginations, we had our respective female companions waiting for us at the campsite!  (they took the train and a bus to get there)  

    We all knew heading into this trip that a typhoon would be passing by our area of Japan sometime on Sunday.  That said, the weather on the ride up on Saturday gave no indication of the semi-deluge to come.  It was a very pleasant ride up, little wind, occasional sunshine, and moderate temps.  It was pretty much ideal summer cycling conditions.  
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    Arakawa Cyclo-Camping with Mike!!

    April 27, 2008

    My Trek 7.3 FX lying in the grass along the Arakawa


    Me and UK Mike at long last went on our first cyclo-camping trip!  It was an over 100 mile journey round trip heading first north along the Arakawa River into Saitama Prefecture, then back down the same path on the return.  In between we saw the surprising beauty of the Saitama countryside, along with motocross racing, a crazy bird, and a jazz cafe.




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