4 hours of sanity

March 9, 2010

Due to a set of very unusual circumstances, I found myself with 4 hours of sanity today.  It was a preview to how my days will be once I win the lottery this year, except of course in the parking lot will be a Porsche 911 Turbo instead of a Saturn Vue.  I found myself being very grateful for something that should be a given, not an extraordinary exception.  Such are the ill things one is often trapped into when living in the world of Men.

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Kiki, our newest family member

December 24, 2009

This is a very long overdue introduction . . . on April 24, 2009 we adopted a labrador border collie mix puppy that we named Kiki (after the Miyazaki movie).  She was a rescue from floods in Alabama.  She was just 11 pounds and 2 months old when we adopted her…now at age 10 months she weighs in at 59 pounds!

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