Weezer live in Yoyogi Tokyo Japan 2008

September 18, 2008

Weezer was one of the few remaining favorite bands of mine that I had never seen live in concert.  That was remedied when Aya and I went to see them play the Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan this past Monday night.  It was a 9,000 fan seated venue.  We were up on the first level to the right of the stange, a decent vantage point, once the disappointment of seeing Weezer from a seat had abated somewhat.  Even on their own official website post of this show, Weezer themselves expressed disappointment that the venue insists on having seats on the floor.  Rock concerts in Japan lack energy in general as compared to those in the U.S., so the seats didn’t help that much, but me, Aya and a few other j-dudes around us still managed to rock out.

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What Nirvana and NEVERMIND mean to me

July 8, 2008


Nirvana Nevermind

I was riding home with my mom when I first heard Nirvana.  I have no idea how I was allowed to listen to the radio station of my choice that time.  As I recall, it was usually her music.  Yet this time I had it tuned to a rock radio station.  

I heard this song come on.  It transfixed me.  I was more than mesmerized.  We pulled into the driveway while it was still playing.  I ran into my room, turned on the radio and called my best friend at the time, Rick (Ricardo).  I told him to immediately turn on the radio and listen to this.  He got his radio on in time for the last chorus.  I had no idea at all what the singer was saying in the chorus, but I was totally gripped by it.  I remember saying to Rick, “listen to what he’s saying in the chorus!”  
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