Daily Photo: Jason rolls down a hill in Tochigi Prefecture!

November 10, 2008

I’d been seeing kids rolling down hills quite a few times lately, for example at this farm in Nagano.  So as soon as I saw this very grassy and rolling hill near Senjogahara Moor in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, I new at some point I’d be rolling down it.  The hill was a very gentle one, part of a large open green grass area that I rarely see in Japan.  I wanted to run out to it and run around wildly.  So I did.

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Senjogahara Moor in Tochigi Prefecture Japan

November 9, 2008

As Aya and I drove along a country road after leaving Nikko, to my left a vast expanse opened up, and from very first sight I was dazzled and drawn to Senjogahara Moor in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.  This moor was not a scheduled stop on our trip, but thankfully I pulled over so we could pause and get a better look at this most unusual landscape for Japan.

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