GUNFIGHTERS OF ABILENE [1960] movie review

March 30, 2014

Not really a feature length movie at only 66 minutes, GUNFIGHTERS OF ABILENE [1960] was good enough that I wanted to make a proper movie review for it anyway. It did not feel short and told a full story in its limited screen time. [Read more]


March 16, 2014

This is perhaps the last really famous western I have yet to see, BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID [1969]. Thanks to a Netflix recommendation and recently watching Robert Redford in ALL IS LOST [2013], and a Sunday afternoon sports doldrum, I finally remedied that. It was both what I expected and not. I thought it would have a playful feel to it, which it did. I did not expect it to also feel so continuously tense and feel epic in nature. [Read more]

JOE KIDD [1972] movie review

October 12, 2013

When I saw that JOE KIDD [1972] was directed by John Sturges and written by Elmore Leonard my expectations went up for this Clint Eastwood western. It turns out I was a bit too hopeful though as it seems everyone was basically phoning in their performances in this rather generic A-list western. [Read more]

IN OLD CALIFORNIA [1942] movie review

September 7, 2013

I was going to write that IN OLD CALIFORNIA [1942] was an early John Wayne western, but he had already been in dozens of movies even before this 1942 one. CALIFORNIA follows one of the most common western plots, a new man in town comes in conflict with the town bully. [Read more]

SHOOT OUT [1971] movie review

August 11, 2013

So many westerns suffer from unfortunate, generic names. That is certainly true of SHOOT OUT [1971] starring Gregory Peck, which contained zero shoot outs. The title has nothing to do with the movie at all with Peck playing a recently released convict, Clay Lomax, who is surprised to find a young girl waiting for him at the train station instead of just an envelope of cash as he was expecting. [Read more]

RIVER OF NO RETURN [1954] movie review

July 28, 2013

Though more of an adventure movie set in the old west, there is enough classic western in RIVER OF NO RETURN [1954] to make it yet another hidden gem find thanks to Netflix (about the only thing Netflix is useful for these days). [Read more]

GUN FEVER [1958] movie review

October 14, 2012

Despite having two fairly strong lead acting performances, GUN FEVER has a hard time overcoming its disjointed beginning that makes it hard for the viewer to figure out who is who and why are we suddenly being introduced to seemingly random new characters. GUN FEVER is not a hidden gem, but is at least a serviceable western for those fans who have already seen many in the genre. [Read more]

ANGEL AND THE BADMAN [1947] movie review

August 19, 2012

Much to my delight, I am still able to uncover hidden western gems like ANGEL AND THE BADMAN starring John Wayne no less.  Why this western of his is not more well known I have no idea as it is certainly one of his best and definitely a classic black & white western that has all the elements I look for in a western (saloon scene, rock formation cinematography, tough hombre in the lead role). [Read more]

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