DREAM: Dinosaur Outer-Space Invasion!

April 7, 2006 · Print This Article

I just awoke from a very intense, continued dream about a dinosaur invasion of earth. … The dream continued in three separate sleeping periods, meaning I was dreaming about them, woke up, went to the bathroom, went back to sleep, then dreamt about them again. … One place I later escaped too (beachfront house) was from an earlier dream not involving the dinosaurs at all!

…At this time a group of mini-Pachycephalosaurus(es) started to attack through the windows of a second floor room. … These mini-Pachys had much longer teeth than in reality and were about maybe 2 to 3 feet long. They’d stick their head into the window and I’d stab them through the roof of their mouths since their heads are too boney to penetrate.

…Again, many people are going about their regular lives even though dinosaurs are attacking! I even had to tell one fool to keep the window on the train closed because their were F-ing dinosaurs trying to kill us.

…and exited the train station apparently with Canadian Mike who said the beachhouse was just a minute away. … I was looking for the best, most rigid knives they had, one with about a 4″ blade, and the other with a wider blade, like a Chef’s knife. Can you believe some of the staff were very reluctant to give me their best knives! … They finally acquiescenced and as I left the kitchen I turned and said, “I’ll return the knives…with dinosaur blood on them.”

…A huge bi-pedal dinosaur dropped in out of nowhere, much larger than the others I had previously fought. This dinosaur was engaged with a couple of people about 20 feet away from me.

…Apparently they travel around the galaxy feeding, but that they felt bad about causing so much damage this time, so they wanted to make a peace pact and live in their own area on earth. … I returned the knives to the kitchen, with no dinosaur blood on them.

The last thing I saw was a news report on TV saying that the Human Dinosaur Relation Committee had voted against the dinosaurs and the territory they had been living in would be reduced.


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