BRICK [2005] review

September 24, 2006 · Print This Article

BRICK immediately establishes itself with a look, sound, and vibe that to my knowledge creates a whole new high school genre movie. Throwback dialogue you have to rewind multiple times to catch, editing that is part Fast and the Furious, part something new. Camera work that loves the low angles, off center character shots, and multiple background/foreground fades. All this is wrapped around a murder mystery that’s only told in flashback for the first tenth of the film, something I haven’t seen before either.

…Bells tingle as the antagonist snoops around backstage of a high school play where a sexy senior girl has freshman men on their knees doing who knows what. Plus there’s a badass early 70’s Mustang.

Who would have thought the long-haired kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun could be a badass, but no doubt he was a serious badass, that when not besting someone, certainly knew how to take a beating. I’m glad I didn’t know it was the same actor as in the TV show.

Most fascinating movie I’ve seen released this year. Make sure you watch it in a way you can rewind often, unless you are hip to all kinds of throwback detective banter.

What I should be saying is that the editing and camerawork are masterful in this movie, and would make it worthy to be seen just for that. The fact that the dialogue is extremely sharp witted and biting, and new-retro, combines to make this about as unique a movie going experience as one can expect to have nowadays. I couldn’t predict any of the plot twists, at least not in full. The protagonist gives very few clues to the viewer until he explodes on screen. My biggest question, where are all the kids in that high school? Why does the Pin’s mom give everyone milk and cookies? Definitely dig this movie, and keep your specs on while you do.


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